20 Vehicles Catch Fire at NAIA 3 Parking Extension in the Philippines

Fire at NAIA Terminal 3 parking lot burns 20 vehicles; investigation points to grass fire ignited by extreme heat. Airport operations uninterrupted, parking lot temporarily closed for safety measures.

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20 Vehicles Catch Fire at NAIA 3 Parking Extension in the Philippines

20 Vehicles Catch Fire at NAIA 3 Parking Extension in the Philippines

A fire broke out at the Terminal 3 parking extension of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in the Philippines, resulting in the burning of 20 vehicles. The blaze started around 1:28 pm and was brought under control by 1:57 pm by the MIAA Rescue and Firefighting Division. No injuries were reported, and regular airport operations continued uninterrupted.

According to Eric Jose Ines, the Acting General Manager of the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA), the fire propagated quickly due to windy conditions and the surrounding dry grass in the area. "The initial report was of only one vehicle on fire, but by the time the fire department arrived, several others were already affected," Ines stated. Videos on social media showed thick plumes of black smoke billowing from the burning cars.

The Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) is currently investigating the origin of the fire. Initial suspicions point to a grass fire ignited by the extremely hot weather, with the heat index reaching a dangerous 41°C that day. The intense summer heat in the Philippines has increased the risk of fire hazards and spread.

Why this matters: The incident highlights the importance of fire safety measures and preparedness at major transportation hubs like airports. It also underscores the potential risks posed by extreme weather conditions, particularly during the hot and dry summer months in the Philippines.

The parking lot has been temporarily shut down, and it can only reopen if the Philippine Skylanders International (PSI), the owner of the burnt parking extension, complies with the conditions set by MIAA. These include removing the dry grass and applying gravel to the parking area. PSI has expressed commitment to cooperate with the investigation and provide support to the affected vehicle owners, pledging to cover all damages incurred without admitting any fault or liability.

Out of the 20 damaged vehicles, only seven owners have come forward so far. MIAA and PSI are urging other owners to identify themselves to expedite the ongoing investigation. "We have stationed a fire truck near the parking areas to prevent similar incidents in the future and have urged vehicle owners to refrain from leaving flammable or easily combustible items inside their cars," Ines added, emphasizing the importance of fire prevention measures.

Key Takeaways

  • Fire broke out at NAIA Terminal 3 parking, burning 20 vehicles; no injuries reported.
  • Fire spread quickly due to windy conditions and dry grass; BFP investigating origin.
  • Parking lot temporarily closed; owner must remove grass and apply gravel to reopen.
  • Owner pledges to cover damages without admitting fault; urges affected owners to come forward.
  • MIAA stationed fire truck to prevent future incidents, warns against leaving flammable items.