Poland May Holiday Travel Costs Dip Slightly from 2023 Highs

Prices for Poland's May holiday accommodation see a slight 4% decrease from last year, offering hope for travelers after significant inflation-driven hikes.

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Poland May Holiday Travel Costs Dip Slightly from 2023 Highs

Poland May Holiday Travel Costs Dip Slightly from 2023 Highs

The average nightly rate for a double room during the May holiday in ten popular Polish tourist towns is expected to be around 630 PLN in 2024, according to a report by Poland Daily 24. This represents a modest 4% decrease from the over 650 PLN average seen last year, a welcome change after the shocking 20% price surge in 2023 due to inflation across various sectors.

While a return to pre-inflation pricing remains unlikely, the stabilization of inflation rates is viewed as a positive development for travelers. Sopot, a consistently expensive seaside resort, still commands high prices with last-minute bookings averaging over 750 PLN per night. Mountain resorts like Świeradów-Zdrój, Szklarska Poręba, and Karpacz offer rates between 650 to 700 PLN nightly, with about 80% of lodging already booked a week before the holiday.

Other popular destinations such as Kołobrzeg, Zakopane, and Międzyzdroje provide slightly more affordable options at around 600 PLN per night, reflecting high occupancy rates of 80-85%. Budget-conscious travelers may find the best value in Wisła, where the average hotel rate is just under 520 PLN, despite a robust 80% occupancy rate.

Why this matters: The slight dip in Poland's May holiday travel costs offers a glimmer of hope for travelers after the significant price hikes of the previous year. As inflation stabilizes, more Poles may be encouraged to plan domestic vacations, potentially boosting the country's tourism industry.

The Poland Daily 24 report provides a comprehensive overview of accommodation costs across ten popular tourist destinations, giving travelers valuable insights for planning their May holiday trips. While prices remain higher than pre-inflation levels, the modest decrease and high occupancy rates suggest that Poles are still eager to explore their country's diverse attractions, from the Baltic coast to the Tatra Mountains.

Key Takeaways

  • Average nightly rate for May holiday in Poland to be around 630 PLN in 2024, a 4% decrease.
  • Sopot remains expensive at over 750 PLN, while mountain resorts range from 650-700 PLN per night.
  • Kołobrzeg, Zakopane, and Międzyzdroje offer more affordable options at around 600 PLN per night.
  • Wisła has the best value at just under 520 PLN per night, despite 80% occupancy rate.
  • Slight dip in travel costs may encourage more Poles to plan domestic vacations, boosting tourism.