Russia Claims Strike on Ukrainian Army HQ in Odesa, 3 Civilians Killed

Russia claims to have struck the Ukrainian army's southern command in Odesa, but Ukraine reports civilian casualties in an overnight missile attack. The strategic port city remains a key target for Russia's ongoing offensive.

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Russia Claims Strike on Ukrainian Army HQ in Odesa, 3 Civilians Killed

Russia Claims Strike on Ukrainian Army HQ in Odesa, 3 Civilians Killed

Russia claimed on Monday that it had struck the command headquarters of the Ukrainian army's southern grouping in the port city of Odesa. The Russian defense ministry stated that the headquarters was hit by operational and tactical aviation, missile forces, and artillery, but provided no further details.

However, Ukrainian officials reported that residential buildings and civilian infrastructure were damaged in an overnight missile attack in Odesa, where the Southern military command said administrative and residential buildings, medical and educational institutions were hit. According to Odesa regional Governor Oleh Kiper and Mayor Hennadii Trukhanov, three civilians were killed and three others were injured in the attack.

Why this matters: The attack on Odesa, a key Ukrainian port city, is part of Russia's ongoing offensive in Ukraine. It highlights the continued civilian toll of the war and the strategic importance of Odesa as a target for Russian forces.

This was the second day in a row that Russia launched ballistic missiles against Odesa. On April 29, a Russian missile strike on the International Humanitarian University, known as the "Harry Potter Castle", killed five people, including the deputy rector, and injured 32 others. The university's president, Serhii Kivalov, was also injured in the attack.

Odesa has been a frequent target of Russian forces during the more than two-year-old war, with many attacks aimed at the city's port facilities. Russia has denied deliberately targeting civilians, but the battlefield accounts from both sides could not be independently confirmed.

The attack comes as Russia is expected to mount a summer offensive and is thought to be in the process of mobilizing an additional 100,000 troops to fight in Ukraine. Governor Kiper condemned the attack, stating: "The enemy attacked Odesa with ballistic missiles. The Russian army continues to destroy the infrastructure of our country and kill civilians."

Key Takeaways

  • Russia claims to have struck Ukrainian army's southern HQ in Odesa.
  • Civilian buildings and infrastructure damaged in overnight missile attack in Odesa.
  • 3 civilians killed, 3 injured in the attack, which is part of Russia's ongoing offensive.
  • Second day of Russian ballistic missile strikes on Odesa, a key Ukrainian port city.
  • Russia expected to mount summer offensive, mobilizing 100,000 more troops for Ukraine war.