Russian Assault Troops Train in Ukraine Rear Area to Capture Fortifications

Russian troops undergo training to capture enemy fortifications as fierce battles continue in Donbas. Ukraine receives advanced US missiles to degrade Russian logistics, but their impact may be limited.

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Russian Assault Troops Train in Ukraine Rear Area to Capture Fortifications

Russian Assault Troops Train in Ukraine Rear Area to Capture Fortifications

Russian assault troops are currently undergoing training in the rear area of the ongoing military operation in Ukraine. The focus of their training is on capturing enemy fortifications and improving combat skills under the guidance of experienced instructors.

The training comes as fierce battles between Ukrainian defenders and Russian forces continue in the Donbas region, particularly in areas near Bakhmut and south of Ivanivske. Ukrainian troops, including the 24th Separate Assault Battalion 'Aidar' and the 92nd Ivan Sirko Assault Brigade, have recently captured Russian soldiers and regained positions in these contested areas.

Meanwhile, the United States has announced additional military assistance for Ukraine, including the provision of long-range ATACMS missiles. Ukrainian forces have already employed these missiles to strike Russian targets in deep rear areas, such as a military base in occupied Crimea and targets near Berdyansk. The arrival of more ATACMS missiles in sufficient quantities is anticipated to enable Ukrainian forces to further degrade Russian logistics and threaten Russian airfields in the rear.

However, the delay in receiving these missiles may have provided the Russian military with time to offset potential operational impacts. Russian forces are currently relying heavily on fixed-wing aircraft to conduct glide bomb strikes along the frontline. The withdrawal of these aircraft to airfields further from the front, necessitated by the threat of ATACMS strikes, is likely to have only marginal effects on their loitering time for conducting strikes.

Why this matters: The ongoing training of Russian assault troops and the provision of advanced weapons to Ukraine underscore the escalating nature of the conflict. As both sides seek to gain an advantage on the battlefield, the outcome of these efforts could have significant implications for the future of Ukraine and the broader geopolitical landscape.

As the conflict in Ukraine continues, the training of Russian assault troops in capturing fortifications and the arrival of US-provided long-range missiles for Ukrainian forces are expected to shape the dynamics of the battlefield. The 24th Separate Assault Battalion 'Aidar' recently captured four Russian soldiers near Chasiv Yar, while soldiers of the 92nd Ivan Sirko Assault Brigade cleared and took over Russian positions south of Ivanivske in the Bakhmut sector. The evolving capabilities of both sides will likely determine the course of the ongoing battles in the Donbas region.

Key Takeaways

  • Russian assault troops undergo training to capture enemy fortifications.
  • Fierce battles continue in Donbas, with Ukraine regaining positions.
  • US to provide Ukraine with long-range ATACMS missiles to degrade Russian logistics.
  • Russia relies on fixed-wing aircraft for strikes, mitigating ATACMS impact.
  • Escalating conflict with evolving capabilities on both sides shapes Donbas battles.