Russian Defense Minister Inspects Tank Factory, Orders Increased Production

Russian Defense Minister Shoigu visits tank factory, orders increased production of T-80BVM tanks and TOS-1A flamethrower systems to sustain Russia's military operations in Ukraine amid heavy losses.

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Russian Defense Minister Inspects Tank Factory, Orders Increased Production

Russian Defense Minister Inspects Tank Factory, Orders Increased Production

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu visited a military enterprise in the Omsk Oblast region of Russia that produces tanks and heavy flamethrower systems. During his inspection, Shoigu instructed the factory to ramp up production of T-80BVM tanks and enhance the protection of armor before delivery to the special military operation area in Ukraine.

The defense minister praised the factory for exceeding its production targets. The enterprise has increased the output of TOS-1A Solntsepyok heavy flamethrower systems by 150% last year by expanding production capacities, switching to round-the-clock operation, and increasing its workforce by 1,200 staff. "The enterprise is implementing the defense procurement plan in full and successfully fulfilling the instructions issued during the previous inspection," Shoigu noted.

Why this matters: Russia has suffered heavy tank and equipment losses in the ongoing war in Ukraine. Increasing domestic production of tanks and other armored vehicles is crucial for Russia to sustain its military operations and replace destroyed units on the battlefield.

In addition to tanks, Shoigu highlighted the necessity to organize additional supplies of tank protection systems and send them to overhaul brigades in the conflict zone. He also called for boosting the production of anti-drone systems to counter Ukraine's frequent drone strikes on Russian energy infrastructure and military targets.

During his visit, Shoigu inspected the training process at the Omsk Armor Engineering Institute, where cadets are engaged in the overhaul and maintenance of combat vehicles fighting in Ukraine and are trained to operate drones. The Russian defense minister's inspection of the tank factory and his directives to increase armored vehicle production underscore Moscow's determination to provide its forces with the necessary equipment to press on with the military campaign in Ukraine, despite the losses incurred so far.

Key Takeaways

  • Russian Defense Minister visited tank factory, ordered increased production of T-80BVM tanks.
  • Factory exceeded production targets, increased output of TOS-1A flamethrower systems by 150%.
  • Russia aims to replace heavy tank and equipment losses in Ukraine through domestic production.
  • Shoigu called for more tank protection systems and anti-drone systems to be sent to Ukraine.
  • Cadets at Omsk Armor Institute trained to overhaul and operate combat vehicles in Ukraine.