Russian Missile Strikes Kill 9 in Ukraine's Dnipro Region

Russian missile strikes in Ukraine's Dnipro region kill 9, including 3 children, and injure 29. Zelensky calls for more air defense aid to protect civilians from devastating attacks.

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Russian Missile Strikes Kill 9 in Ukraine's Dnipro Region

Russian Missile Strikes Kill 9 in Ukraine's Dnipro Region

On Wednesday, April 19, 2023, Russian missile attacks struck the central Dnipro region of Ukraine, killing at least nine people, including three children, and injuring 29 others. The attacks targeted residential buildings, a railway station, and other civilian infrastructure in the cities of Dnipro, Synelnykove, and Kryvyi Rih.

In Dnipro, a five-story residential building in the downtown area caught fire after being hit by fragments from a downed Russian missile. The attack killed two people in Dnipro and injured 24 others. The body of a third victim was found later in the rubble. The strikes also damaged infrastructure facilities of Ukraine's state-owned railway company, Ukrzaliznytsia, killing one employee and injuring seven others.

The attacks in the Synelnykove district killed five civilians, including an eight-year-old boy and a 14-year-old girl, and injured seven more people. Over 10 houses were damaged in the area. In Kryvyi Rih, an infrastructure facility was hit, injuring three people.

Why this matters: The Russian missile strikes on civilian targets in Ukraine's Dnipro region demonstrate the ongoing threat to innocent lives and infrastructure as the war continues. The attacks underscore the urgent need for enhanced air defense capabilities to protect Ukrainian cities and citizens from such devastating strikes.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky condemned the attacks, stating that defeating Russian terror is a global need. He urged Western partners to provide Ukraine with additional air defense systems to strengthen its air shield. Zelensky visited Dnipro after the attack and addressed the NATO-Ukraine Council's online session, emphasizing the importance of air defense assistance.

The Ukrainian Air Force reported that Russian forces conducted a combined aerial attack with 22 missiles of various types and 14 Shahed drones during the night. The Air Force claimed to have shot down a Russian TU-22M3 strategic bomber that was part of the attack. Russia denied Ukraine's claim, stating that the plane crashed due to a technical malfunction.

Denise Brown, the UN's humanitarian coordinator in Ukraine, condemned the attack, calling it another example of Russia's "grave and reprehensible disregard for human life." The G7 foreign ministers also denounced the strikes and pledged to ensure full accountability and support Ukraine in obtaining compensation.

As rescue operations continue in the affected areas, the death toll from the Russian missile strikes in the Dnipro region has risen to nine, with 29 people injured. President Zelensky reiterated his call for Western allies to bolster Ukraine's air defenses to protect against such devastating attacks on civilian targets. The strikes serve as a stark reminder of the ongoing human cost of the war and the urgent need for international support to help Ukraine defend its citizens and infrastructure.

Key Takeaways

  • Russian missile strikes killed 9, including 3 children, in Ukraine's Dnipro region.
  • Attacks targeted residential buildings, a railway station, and other civilian infrastructure.
  • Ukraine claims to have shot down a Russian strategic bomber during the strikes.
  • UN and G7 condemn the attacks, call for accountability and air defense support for Ukraine.
  • Zelensky urges Western allies to provide more air defense systems to protect Ukrainian cities.