Thousands Evacuated as Severe Flooding Hits Russia's Tyumen Region

Severe flooding prompts mass evacuations in Russia's Tyumen region, highlighting the growing impact of extreme weather events linked to climate change.

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Thousands Evacuated as Severe Flooding Hits Russia's Tyumen Region

Thousands Evacuated as Severe Flooding Hits Russia's Tyumen Region

Severe flooding has prompted the evacuation of thousands of residents in the Tyumen region of Russia, located in western Siberia. The regional government has declared a state of emergency as heavy rains have caused water levels in the Ishim and Tobol rivers to exceed dangerous levels.

In the city of Ishim, with a population of 67,000, authorities urged residents to immediately evacuate to safe places as the water level in the Ishim River reached critical levels. Evacuation sirens have been sounding in the city center, and more than 660 residential houses have been flooded. Residents of 14 settlements in the Ishim district are also being evacuated.

The situation is similarly dire in the neighboring city of Kurgan, where the Tobol River rose by 123 cm in 24 hours, reaching 865 cm, which is above the 'danger' level of 850 cm. Evacuation sirens have been blasting every two hours, urging residents to flee to safety.

Why this matters: The severe flooding in the Tyumen region has not only forced thousands from their homes but also threatens to cause widespread damage to infrastructure and agriculture. The disaster highlights the increasing frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, which experts attribute to climate change.

According to the local Emergency Situations Ministry, about 1,000 houses were flooded in the Tyumen region due to the rising water levels. The flooding has been caused by the rapid melting of large snowfalls amid heavy rain, swelling the tributaries of several of Europe's largest rivers. The total number of people evacuated from their homes has risen towards 200,000.

Rescue teams have been deployed to assist with the evacuation efforts and provide aid to those affected by the flooding. The Russian authorities have classified the deluge as an emergency of federal importance, underscoring the severity of the situation.

The flooding in the Tyumen region comes as other parts of Russia, such as the Orenburg region near the border with Kazakhstan, also contend with severe floods. In Orenburg, nearly 14,500 homes have been flooded after a dam on the Ural River burst, prompting the evacuation of over 16,500 people. Experts cite factors like melting snow, frozen soil, and a release of water from a reservoir as contributing to the floods in the region.

Key Takeaways

  • Severe flooding in Russia's Tyumen region prompts mass evacuations.
  • Water levels in Ishim and Tobol rivers exceed dangerous levels due to heavy rains.
  • Over 1,000 houses flooded in Tyumen region, 200,000 people evacuated.
  • Flooding also affects Orenburg region, with 14,500 homes flooded and 16,500 evacuated.
  • Experts attribute the floods to climate change, melting snow, and frozen soil.