JIAT Clears Coalition Forces of Wrongdoing in Yemen Incidents

The JIAT investigation exonerates the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, finding no evidence of civilian casualties or damage in three incidents. This highlights the importance of impartial probes to ensure accountability in the ongoing conflict.

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JIAT Clears Coalition Forces of Wrongdoing in Yemen Incidents

JIAT Clears Coalition Forces of Wrongdoing in Yemen Incidents

The Joint Incidents Assessment Team (JIAT) announced the results of its investigation into allegations against coalition forces operating in Yemen. In a conference held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, JIAT presented detailed findings on three specific incidents where the Saudi-led coalition was accused of causing civilian casualties and damage.

In the first incident, coalition forces were alleged to have targeted two houses in the Sha'aban area of the Razih directorate in Sa'ada governorate on December 11, 2017, resulting in destruction and casualties. However, after a comprehensive review, JIAT determined that the coalition had conducted an air mission on a military target located 4.5 kilometers away from the claimed location of the houses. One guided bomb was used, which hit its intended target. JIAT found no evidence to support the allegations against the coalition in this case.

The second incident involved claims that coalition forces targeted a civilian house in the Al Jirahi directorate of Al Hudaydah governorate, injuring one man and two children. JIAT's investigation revealed that the coalition did not carry out any air missions in the entire Al Hudaydah governorate on the alleged date. The accusations were deemed baseless.

In the third incident, Physicians for Human Rights reported that on February 24, 2016, coalition aircraft dropped three munitions on the Al Ghail Health Center in the Al Ghail directorate of Al Jawf governorate. JIAT's findings indicated that the coalition had actually carried out an air mission on a legitimate military target, a gathering of Houthi militia fighters, situated in a vacant area 2.9 kilometers away from the health center. A single guided bomb was used, which successfully hit the intended target. The health center was not damaged by coalition forces.

Why this matters: The JIAT's findings carry significant implications for the ongoing conflict in Yemen and the international community's perception of the Saudi-led coalition's actions. The exoneration of the coalition forces in these incidents underscores the importance of thorough, impartial investigations to establish the truth and ensure accountability.

In all three cases, JIAT concluded that the coalition forces acted in full compliance with international humanitarian law and the established rules of engagement. The team emphasized that the coalition took all necessary precautions to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure during its military operations in Yemen. The JIAT's report serves as a testament to the coalition's commitment to transparency and its willingness to investigate and address any allegations of wrongdoing. "JIAT found that the coalition forces acted in accordance with international humanitarian law and the rules of engagement," the team stated in its official announcement.

Key Takeaways

  • JIAT investigated 3 incidents of alleged civilian casualties by coalition forces in Yemen.
  • JIAT found no evidence to support allegations against coalition in 1st and 2nd incidents.
  • JIAT determined coalition targeted a legitimate military target, not a health center, in 3rd incident.
  • JIAT concluded coalition forces acted in compliance with international law and rules of engagement.
  • JIAT's findings emphasize importance of impartial investigations to establish truth and ensure accountability.