Witness Claims Jailed Serbian Assassin Resembles Man Seen Fleeing Jill Dando Murder Scene

A key witness claims the man seen fleeing the Jill Dando murder scene in 1999 resembles a convicted Serbian assassin, reigniting hopes for solving this high-profile unsolved case.

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Witness Claims Jailed Serbian Assassin Resembles Man Seen Fleeing Jill Dando Murder Scene

Witness Claims Jailed Serbian Assassin Resembles Man Seen Fleeing Jill Dando Murder Scene

A key witness in the unsolved 1999 murder of British television presenter Jill Dando has come forward with a new lead, asserting that a man seen running from the crime scene bears a striking resemblance to Milorad Ulemek, a convicted Serbian assassin currently serving a 40-year prison sentence. The witness, who saw the man "running for his life" down the suspected escape route shortly after Dando was shot dead on her doorstep in London, identified him from CCTV footage a month after the killing.

Facial recognition expert Emi Polito compared images of the unidentified man, dubbed "Man X," with photos of Ulemek and found similarities in their facial features, including the shape of the mouth, chin, hairline, and right sideburn. While Polito noted that the similarities only provided limited support, the witness remains "completely and utterly adamant" that the man she saw is the same as Ulemek.

The revelation has prompted Barry George, who was wrongly convicted of Dando's murder and later cleared, to urge police to investigate this new lead. George's lawyer, Michael Mansfield, has called for a review of the findings and a reopening of the case. Dando's brother, Nigel, has also expressed his desire for justice, with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak stating that he wants Dando's family to get the closure they deserve.

Why this matters: The murder of Jill Dando, a beloved television personality, has remained a high-profile unsolved case for over two decades. The emergence of a potential new suspect with ties to a professional assassin has reignited interest in the case and raised hopes for a resolution. The outcome of this investigation could provide long-awaited answers for Dando's family and the public, while also shedding light on the challenges faced by law enforcement in solving complex, high-stakes crimes.

The Metropolitan Police have stated that the investigation into Dando's murder is currently in an "inactive phase," but they would consider any new information provided to assess whether it represents a realistic line of inquiry. Despite the passage of 25 years, the case continues to generate intense speculation, with many believing that Dando was killed by a professional hitman. As the police weigh the merits of this new lead, the public remains hopeful that justice will finally be served for Jill Dando and her loved ones.

Key Takeaways

  • Key witness claims man seen fleeing Jill Dando murder resembles Serbian assassin.
  • Facial recognition expert finds similarities between unidentified man and convicted assassin.
  • Wrongly convicted man urges police to investigate this new lead in Dando's murder.
  • Dando's family and public seek closure as police consider reopening the 25-year-old case.
  • Metropolitan Police state the investigation is currently inactive but will assess new information.