Mediacorp Wins Big at Digital Media Awards Asia 2024 for AI and Audience Engagement

Mediacorp wins big at Digital Media Awards Asia 2024, recognized for innovative use of AI, audience engagement, and data visualization in its digital content.

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Mediacorp Wins Big at Digital Media Awards Asia 2024 for AI and Audience Engagement

Mediacorp Wins Big at Digital Media Awards Asia 2024 for AI and Audience Engagement

Mediacorp, Singapore's leading media company, has won several prestigious awards at the Digital Media Awards Asia 2024 held in Singapore. The company was recognized for its inventive use of artificial intelligence (AI) and successful audience engagement strategies across its various platforms.

Mediacorp's AI SmartCut project, which automatically generates news clips from CNA's prime-time news bulletins using AI technology, won the silver award for Best Use of AI in the Newsroom. The company also clinched a silver award for Best in Audience Engagement for its personalized 'My Feed' feature on the CNA website and app.

In addition, Mediacorp's Brand Studio received a silver award in the Best Native Advertising category for its compelling 'Behind the Mask' multimedia feature. The piece provided an in-depth look at Singapore's COVID-19 healthcare journey.

The Straits Times, Mediacorp's flagship publication, won the overall gold award for Best News Website. Its visual story 'How Singapore builds communities in the sky' utilized 3D modeling to showcase the architectural evolution of HDB blocks in Singapore. The team behind the story also produced accompanying podcast episodes to provide additional insights.

Mediacorp further demonstrated its data visualization prowess, winning gold awards for its stories 'Is Singapore actually getting hotter?' and 'Why the haze has reached Singapore's shores again.' These pieces effectively used data and 3D models to illustrate temperature and haze trends in the country.

The ST HeadSTart newsletter and True Crimes of Asia podcast series also earned gold awards in the Best Newsletter and Best Podcast categories, respectively. These wins highlight Mediacorp's ability to create engaging and innovative content across different formats.

Why this matters: Mediacorp's strong showing at the Digital Media Awards Asia 2024 underscores its successful adaptation to the rapidly evolving media landscape. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies like AI and crafting compelling content, the company is setting new standards for digital media in Singapore and the region.

The Digital Media Awards Asia, organized annually by the World Association of News Publishers (WAN-IFRA), recognizes media organizations that have successfully transitioned from traditional to digital platforms and implemented effective digital media strategies. Mediacorp's wins at the 2024 edition demonstrate its commitment to innovation and delivering high-quality, engaging content to its audience.

Key Takeaways

  • Mediacorp won several awards at Digital Media Awards Asia 2024 in Singapore.
  • Mediacorp's AI SmartCut project and personalized 'My Feed' feature won silver awards.
  • Mediacorp's Brand Studio and The Straits Times won gold awards for various categories.
  • Mediacorp demonstrated expertise in data visualization and innovative content creation.
  • Mediacorp's wins showcase its successful adaptation to the evolving digital media landscape.