PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay Debuts Enchanting Gnomes-Themed Family Rooms

PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore unveils two gnomes-themed family rooms promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility. The Gnome's Land Package offers amenities and activities for families, aligning with the hotel's eco-friendly commitment.

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PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay Debuts Enchanting Gnomes-Themed Family Rooms

PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay Debuts Enchanting Gnomes-Themed Family Rooms

PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore has unveiled two delightful new gnomes-themed family rooms, The Gnome's Burrow and The Gnome's Treehouse. These enchanting accommodations are designed to promote sustainability and environmental responsibility, aligning with the hotel's commitment to these vital values.

The gnomes were chosen as the centrepiece for these rooms due to their symbolic role as guardians of the environment and advocates of sustainability. The Gnome's Burrow is a whimsical underground hideaway featuring earthy tones, vibrant murals, and charming mushroom accents. Children will delight in the exhilarating slide reminiscent of a gnome's secret passageway.

The Gnome's Treehouse, on the other hand, is a magical abode nestled amidst the branches of an imaginary tree. This enchanting space is adorned with intricate treehouse design, leafy motifs, twinkling fairy lights, and the charming dwellings of gnomes perched in the treetops.

The gnomes' dedication to the environment extends beyond their own abodes, as they passionately support wildlife conservation by providing bird feeders and nesting boxes, creating safe havens for birds to rest and nurture their offspring. The rooms showcase the harmonious coexistence of sustainability and beauty, demonstrating how discarded materials can be transformed into stunning works of art.

The Gnome's Land Package is now available for bookings, offering a delightful array of amenities and activities for the whole family. The package includes a stay in either The Gnome's Burrow or The Gnome's Treehouse, welcome drinks for junior guests aged 3-12, daily buffet breakfast for up to two adults and two children, a gnome plush toy for each junior guest, specially curated Gnome's Land bathrobes and slippers, a Gnome's Land tote bag, and a Nintendo Switch within the room.

Guests can also enjoy gnomes-themed welcome and turndown amenities, engaging gnomes-themed activities, a complimentary DIY terrarium milk pudding class with the Chef at the Greenhouse at Peppermint, a complimentary Sustainable Urban Farm Tour, and an activity book with color pencils for creative fun.

Reservations for the Gnome's Land Package can be made by contacting the hotel on +65 6722 6780, emailing, or visiting the hotel's website. This initiative aligns with PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the spirit of these eco-warriors and experience the magic of sustainable living firsthand.

Key Takeaways

  • PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore unveils 2 gnomes-themed family rooms.
  • Rooms promote sustainability and environmental responsibility.
  • Gnome's Land Package includes stay, breakfast, and activities for families.
  • Package amenities include gnome plush toys, bathrobes, and a Nintendo Switch.
  • Reservations can be made by contacting the hotel or visiting their website.