Security Guards Stage Naked Protest Outside Gauteng Health Department

Security guards in South Africa strip naked to protest unpaid salaries, highlighting the vulnerability of outsourced workers and the need for government accountability.

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Security Guards Stage Naked Protest Outside Gauteng Health Department

Security Guards Stage Naked Protest Outside Gauteng Health Department

In an unusual display of protest, a group of security guards gathered outside the Gauteng Health Department offices in Johannesburg, South Africa, on Tuesday, April 16, 2024.

The protesters, who were employed by a private security company contracted by the department, stripped naked to draw attention to their grievances.

The security guards claimed that they had not been paid their salaries for several months and were facing financial hardship as a result. They accused the security company of withholding their wages and the Gauteng Health Department of failing to intervene and ensure that they were compensated for their work.

Witnesses reported that the protesters, both men and women, removed their clothes and stood naked outside the department's offices for several hours. They held placards demanding their unpaid salaries and chanted slogans criticizing the security company and the health department.

The protest caused a significant disruption in the area, with curious onlookers gathering to witness the unusual scene. Police were called to the location but did not intervene, allowing the peaceful protest to continue.

Why this matters: The naked protest by security guards highlights the vulnerability of workers employed by private contractors and the need for government departments to ensure that the rights and welfare of all employees, including those in outsourced services, are protected.

A spokesperson for the Gauteng Health Department stated that they were aware of the situation and were engaging with the security company to resolve the issue of unpaid salaries. The department promised to investigate the matter and take appropriate action to ensure that the guards received their due compensation.

The security company at the center of the controversy has not yet released an official statement regarding the allegations of withheld salaries. The outcome of the health department's investigation and the resolution of the guards' grievances remain to be seen as the story continues to unfold.

Key Takeaways

  • Security guards protested unpaid salaries by stripping naked outside Gauteng Health Dept.
  • Guards accused security company of withholding wages, dept. of failing to intervene.
  • Protest caused disruption, but police did not intervene, allowing peaceful demonstration.
  • Dept. acknowledged issue, promised to investigate and ensure guards receive compensation.
  • Protest highlights vulnerability of outsourced workers, need for govt. to protect their rights.