Taxi Strike Causes Chaos on N2 Highway in Tongaat

Chaos erupts on N2 highway as taxi drivers block Tongaat toll plaza, causing traffic nightmare. Authorities urge motorists to avoid the area and seek alternative routes.

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Taxi Strike Causes Chaos on N2 Highway in Tongaat

Taxi Strike Causes Chaos on N2 Highway in Tongaat

The Tongaat toll plaza on the N2 highway in Tongaat, north of Durban, became the epicenter of chaos on Tuesday afternoon as protesting minibus taxi operators completely blockaded both sides of the highway. The southbound lanes were effectively shut down, forcing motorists to make sudden U-turns at the toll plaza in search of alternative routes. The situation was even worse for northbound traffic, where vehicles were at a standstill and unable to proceed.

The protest action was sparked by the recent impounding of some long-distance minibuses, causing delays of up to two hours for motorists. Scores of minibus taxi drivers blockaded the N2 near the Tongaat tollgate just before the afternoon peak-hour traffic. Department of Transport officials condemned the protest, which has left commuters stranded and frustrated, exacerbating an already congested road network.

Eyewitnesses described a scene of pandemonium, with stranded motorists anxiously awaiting any sign of relief. "It's complete chaos here," said one frustrated driver. "I've been stuck in this traffic for over an hour now with no end in sight. People are getting out of their cars and trying to find ways around the blockade, but there's nowhere to go."

Authorities are urging motorists to steer clear of the N2 and seek alternative routes to minimize delays and alleviate congestion at the toll plaza. "We are working to resolve the impasse and restore normalcy to the affected routes," said a spokesperson for the Department of Transport. "In the meantime, we advise all motorists to avoid the N2 and use alternative routes where possible."

Why this matters: The taxi strike and resulting highway blockade have caused significant disruptions for commuters and businesses in the Tongaat area. The incident highlights the ongoing tensions between taxi operators and authorities over regulations and impoundments, which can lead to sudden protests that impact the wider public.

As of Wednesday morning, the situation at the Tongaat toll plaza remains tense. Authorities are engaging with taxi associations to address their grievances and find a resolution to the impasse. However, until an agreement is reached, the N2 highway in Tongaat is expected to experience continued disruptions and delays. Motorists are advised to plan accordingly and allow extra travel time.

Key Takeaways

  • Tongaat toll plaza on N2 highway blocked by protesting minibus taxi operators.
  • Protest sparked by impounding of long-distance minibuses, causing delays for motorists.
  • Chaos ensued with motorists stranded and forced to make U-turns to find alternative routes.
  • Authorities urge motorists to avoid N2 and use alternative routes to minimize delays.
  • Situation remains tense as authorities engage with taxi associations to resolve the impasse.