Wildfire Rages Out of Control in Du Toit's Kloof, Threatening Cape Winelands

Raging wildfire in South Africa's Cape Winelands threatens Huguenot Tunnel, firefighters battle to control the blaze. Frequent occurrence in the "horseshoe" area, with millions spent on containment efforts.

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Wildfire Rages Out of Control in Du Toit's Kloof, Threatening Cape Winelands

Wildfire Rages Out of Control in Du Toit's Kloof, Threatening Cape Winelands

A raging wildfire that started on Tuesday afternoon near the Du Kloof Lodge in the Cape Winelands region of South Africa continues to burn out of control. The fire has spread towards the Huguenot Tunnel, threatening the surrounding area.

Firefighting crews from the Cape Winelands District Municipality, NCC Wildfires, and CapeNature are currently battling the blaze on the ground. Seven firefighting vehicles have been deployed to the scene. Despite their efforts, the fire remains uncontained.

"The fire started opposite the Du Kloof Lodge and has continued to burn into the cliffs in the direction of the Huguenot Tunnel," said Jo-Anne Otto, spokesperson for the Cape Winelands District Municipality. "It is burning in old veld and is being closely monitored, with fire services protecting a few small structures in the area as a precautionary measure."

While all roads in the area remain open, authorities are urging motorists to exercise extreme caution. "Motorists are advised to travel with caution, not to stop and take photographs, and to follow the instructions of traffic officials," Otto stated.

Wildfires are a frequent occurrence in this part of the Du Toit's Kloof pass, known as the "horseshoe." Firefighting efforts to contain these blazes often require millions of rands. Failure to control the fires can result in damage to plant and animal life, as well as nearby wine farms.

As of Wednesday, there was no immediate threat to property, and the wind was not a major concern despite the hot weather conditions. Fire crews remain on the scene as they continue their efforts to bring the wildfire under control.

Otto provided an update on the situation: "The fire was still burning out of control as of last night around 7 pm. We will continue to monitor the fire closely and provide updates as the situation develops."

Residents and visitors to the Cape Winelands region are advised to stay informed about the wildfire's status and adhere to any evacuation orders or safety instructions issued by local authorities. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

Key Takeaways

  • Raging wildfire in Cape Winelands, South Africa, continues to burn out of control.
  • Multiple firefighting crews deployed to battle the blaze near Du Toits Kloof pass.
  • Fire threatens surrounding area, including the Huguenot Tunnel, but no immediate property threat.
  • Motorists advised to exercise caution and follow instructions of traffic officials.
  • Cause of the fire is under investigation, and updates will be provided as the situation develops.