Sudanese Civilians Blocked from Returning Home by Army Forces in Khartoum

Sudanese civilians trapped in Khartoum as army and paramilitary forces battle for control, sparking a severe humanitarian crisis with no end in sight.

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Sudanese Civilians Blocked from Returning Home by Army Forces in Khartoum

Sudanese Civilians Blocked from Returning Home by Army Forces in Khartoum

Sudanese civilians in the capital city of Khartoum have been prevented from returning to their homes by army forces claiming the area is not fully secure. Residents have been trapped in their homes for days due to ongoing fighting between the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF).

The conflict erupted in April 2023 when the RSF attacked a military airstrip and deployed troops across Khartoum. This sparked a year-long conflict between the two militaries, with the RSF now largely controlling the capital while the government led by the SAF has relocated to Port Sudan. Efforts by the international community to broker a 24-hour ceasefire have failed, as the two sides continue to battle for control of key locations like the state television building and the airport.

Hundreds of people, including women and children, have fled Khartoum, carrying whatever belongings they could as food and other supplies run low. The military has been pounding RSF positions with airstrikes, while fierce clashes have been reported in neighborhoods across the city. The army's air power has given it an edge, but the RSF has thousands of fighters spread throughout Khartoum.

Why this matters: The ongoing conflict in Sudan has led to a severe humanitarian crisis, with civilians bearing the brunt of the violence. The international community's inability to stop the fighting highlights the difficulties in resolving the complex power struggle between the SAF and RSF.

Hospitals in Khartoum are running low on medical supplies and facing power and water issues. "The situation is extremely dire. We are struggling to treat the wounded with our limited resources," said a doctor at a hospital in the capital. The international community has been unable to evacuate all foreign nationals due to the deteriorating security situation.

The conflict is a result of failed attempts to integrate the RSF into the SAF, as required by the Juba Peace Agreement signed in 2020. The RSF's reliance on financial gains and support from the United Arab Emirates has made integration unacceptable to its leadership. With the SAF determined to fight for a military victory and the civilian opposition fragmented, there appears to be no clear path forward to end the bloodshed.

Key Takeaways

  • Sudanese civilians trapped in Khartoum due to ongoing fighting between SAF and RSF.
  • Conflict erupted in 2023 when RSF attacked military airstrip, leading to year-long civil war.
  • Hundreds have fled Khartoum as food and supplies run low, hospitals struggle with limited resources.
  • International community unable to broker ceasefire or evacuate foreign nationals due to deteriorating security.
  • Conflict stems from failed attempts to integrate RSF into SAF, with no clear path to end bloodshed.