Sudanese Military Conducts Airstrikes on North Darfur Cities, Displacing Civilians

The Sudanese military's airstrikes on North Darfur have caused widespread destruction, displacing over 36,000 and endangering 800,000 in El Fasher. Desperate Sudanese flee the conflict, as the international community pledges $2 billion in aid.

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Sudanese Military Conducts Airstrikes on North Darfur Cities, Displacing Civilians

Sudanese Military Conducts Airstrikes on North Darfur Cities, Displacing Civilians

The Sudanese military has carried out new airstrikes on cities in North Darfur, targeting the towns of Kabkabiya and El Fasher. The attacks have caused significant damage to civilian homes and displaced residents, marking the 18th airstrike since the start of the conflict between the Sudanese Army and Rapid Support Forces in April 2023.

In Kabkabiya, the airstrikes hit the Zawiya Glue area and the Souk neighborhood, destroying several homes. The attacks on El Fasher targeted multiple neighborhoods including Dim Sallak, the Institute, the family area, the land port, the mountain, the factories, and the stock exchange, as well as the entrance to the Melt gate. This marks the sixth airstrike on El Fasher in April alone.

The airstrikes have caused panic and displacement among the civilian population in the affected areas. The UN has warned that the violence endangers an "extreme and immediate danger" to the 800,000 civilians residing in El Fasher and risks triggering further violence in other parts of Darfur, where more than 9 million people are already in dire need of humanitarian assistance.

Why this matters: The escalating violence in Sudan's Darfur region threatens to plunge the area into a full-scale humanitarian crisis, with hundreds of thousands of civilians at risk. The international community is facing increased pressure to intervene and provide aid to the war-torn region.

UN officials have cautioned the Security Council about the risks of a new front opening in Sudan around the town of El Fasher, which serves as a humanitarian hub for Darfur. The fighting has already displaced more than 36,000 people in the area, and the total number of civilian casualties is likely much higher.

Many Sudanese are fleeing the conflict in their country and risking their lives to cross into Egypt through the desert road, paying traffickers between $300 and $500 per person for the perilous trip. The journey is extremely dangerous, especially for women and children, with risks of violence, starvation, and death. At a conference in Paris on Monday, donors pledged more than $2 billion in aid for war-torn Sudan.

Key Takeaways

  • Sudanese military carried out new airstrikes on North Darfur, destroying homes and displacing residents.
  • Attacks on El Fasher, a humanitarian hub, have endangered 800,000 civilians, per UN warnings.
  • Over 36,000 people displaced, with many Sudanese fleeing conflict and risking dangerous desert crossings.
  • International community pledged $2 billion in aid for war-torn Sudan at a Paris conference.
  • Escalating violence in Darfur risks plunging the region into a full-scale humanitarian crisis.