Schoolteacher Visits All 195 Countries on a Budget, Shares Experiences

Lucy Hsu, a second-grade teacher, visited all 195 countries on a budget through careful planning and cost-saving strategies. She completed her journey in May 2023 after visiting Syria, her 195th country, and plans to continue traveling.

Momen Zellmi
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Schoolteacher Visits All 195 Countries on a Budget, Shares Experiences

Schoolteacher Visits All 195 Countries on a Budget, Shares Experiences

Lucy Hsu,a second-grade teacherfrom San Jose, California, has achieved an extraordinary feat by visiting all 195 countries in the world on a budget. Her remarkable journey, which spanned several years, was made possible through careful planning, research, and cost-saving strategies.

Hsu visited her 195th and final country, Syria, in May 2023 after waiting for it to open to American travelers. She got her first passport at age 23 and developed a passion for exploring the world, aiming to visit a new country every summer. To make her trips affordable, Hsu utilized volunteer exchange programs, homestays, travel clubs, hostels, and credit card travel rewards.

Some of Hsu's most memorable trips includestaying with a local familyin Mongolia's Gobi Desert and spending several months living with a Kenyan family while traveling around Eastern Africa. She appreciates the valuable lessons learned from experiencing different cultures. "I have a greater sense of gratitude for what I have,"Hsu reflects.

For those interested in visiting less touristy or 'do not travel' destinations, Hsu emphasizes the importance of thorough research and relying on recommendations from experienced travelers to stay safe. She shares tips for solo travel and budget-conscious strategies that make global adventures more attainable.

Despite having visited every nation on Earth, including Antarctica, Hsu still has plans to continue traveling. She is interested in journeying on a cargo ship and exploring new cities and regions within countries she has previously visited. Through sharing her experiences, Hsu hopes to inspire others, especially minority women, to see the world and gain a deeper appreciation for its diverse peoples and environments.

Lucy Hsu's extraordinary accomplishment demonstrates that with careful planning, budgeting, and a spirit of adventure,extensive world travelis more achievable than many realize. Her journey serves as an inspiration, encouraging people to step outside their comfort zones, engage with different cultures, and expand their perspectives through the life-changing power of travel.

Key Takeaways

  • Lucy Hsu, a 2nd-grade teacher, visited all 195 countries on a budget.
  • She used volunteer exchange programs, homestays, and credit card rewards to save costs.
  • Hsu emphasizes thorough research and experienced traveler recommendations for safe travel.
  • She plans to continue traveling, including journeying on a cargo ship.
  • Hsu hopes to inspire minority women to explore the world and appreciate its diversity.