Trinidad and Tobago National Security Minister Addresses New Defence Force Recruits

75 new recruits join Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force Reserves, as Minister Hinds addresses their passing-out ceremony and responds to concerns over the Point Fortin Fire Station's readiness.

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Trinidad and Tobago National Security Minister Addresses New Defence Force Recruits

Trinidad and Tobago National Security Minister Addresses New Defence Force Recruits

Ministry of National Security of Trinidad and Tobago held a press conference where National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds addressed 75 new recruits of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force Reserves (TTDFR) at their passing-out ceremony. Hinds congratulated the recruits for successfully completing their Basic Recruit Training course and urged them to uphold the values and integrity of the Defence Force while continuing to serve the country with honor and distinction.

During the event, Minister Hinds highlighted the important role the TTDFR plays in Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief operations, both locally and regionally. He stated that the new recruits would enhance the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force's capabilities and serve during national call-out periods, such as in joint patrols, to combat crime and criminality. Hinds also paid tribute to the late Maj Gen (retired) and former chief of defence staff Ralph Brown, who had dedicated over 60 years of service to the country.

The press conference was attended by the Chief of Defence Staff, the commanding officers of the TT Regiment and the TTDFR, and other formation commanders, who welcomed the new recruits to military service. Minister Hinds applauded the TTDF instructors and staff for equipping the recruits with the necessary knowledge, skills, and values to contribute to the Defence Force and the nation.

In addition to addressing the new recruits, Minister Hinds also responded to reports raised by the president of the Fire Service Association regarding the Point Fortin Fire Station, which was set to open the following day. Hinds described the comments as "reckless" and "irresponsible", stating that the allegations of the station lacking essential firefighting equipment were "unfounded" and only served to "distress" the society. He assured that the station would open as scheduled and that the "fears and unfounded misgivings" would be laid to rest.

Why this matter? Minister Hinds also addressed a question from Opposition senator Wade Mark, who had raised the issue in the Upper House. Hinds stated that the individual who made the comments was not present to defend himself and that the senator had "allowed himself to be misguided and disgruntled" about something that did not exist.

Security Ministry Briefing: The press conference served as a platform for the Ministry of National Security to welcome the new Defence Force recruits, emphasize their role in serving and protecting the nation, and address concerns raised about the readiness of the Point Fortin Fire Station. Minister Hinds reaffirmed the government's commitment to equipping the Defence Force and Fire Service with the necessary resources to carry out their duties effectively.

Key Takeaways

  • 75 new recruits joined the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force Reserves.
  • Minister Hinds praised the recruits and highlighted their role in disaster relief.
  • Hinds addressed concerns about the Point Fortin Fire Station, calling them "unfounded".
  • The press conference welcomed the new recruits and addressed government commitments.
  • Maj Gen (retired) Ralph Brown was honored for over 60 years of service.