Dubai Police Waives Traffic Fines Recorded During Extreme Weather on April 16, 2023

Dubai Police has announced the waiver of all traffic fines incurred in the city on April 16, 2023, when extreme weather conditions caused chaos on the roads. This compassionate move by the authorities aims to provide relief to affected motorists and showcases their commitment to public safety during adverse situations.

Geeta Pillai
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Dubai Police Waives Traffic Fines Recorded During Extreme Weather on April 16, 2023

Dubai Police Waives Traffic Fines Recorded During Extreme Weather on April 16, 2023

Dubai Police has announced that all traffic fines recorded in Dubai on April 16, 2023, during the period when the city experienced extreme weather conditions, will be waived. The decision was made by Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, and reflects the police force's commitment to the community and ensuring their safety, especially during exceptional circumstances.

On that day, Dubai was hit by heavy downpours and unstable weather, causing havoc on the roads with diversions, road closures, and heavy flooding. Many cars were left abandoned or submerged in water, and drivers had to maneuver in unusual ways to handle the situation. The severe weather brought the city to a standstill and caused thousands of cars to be damaged.

Dubai Police's announcement to pardon all traffic violations committed by motorists during this period comes as a relief to those who may have incurred fines while trying to cope with the challenging driving conditions. It exemplifies the police force's understanding and consideration for the difficulties faced by the public during such extraordinary situations.

Why this matters: The waiving of traffic fines by Dubai Police sets a compassionate precedent and showcases the authorities' willingness to support the community during times of hardship. It provides much-needed relief to affected motorists and reinforces the importance of public safety and well-being, especially during adverse weather events.

This move by Dubai Police aligns with similar initiatives taken by other authorities in the UAE to mitigate the impact of the extreme weather. Earlier, Dubai's Crown Prince, Sheikh Hamdan, had approved measures to support those affected by the severe conditions in the emirate. Sharjah Police had also announced the waiving of all traffic fines and the provision of free vehicle damage certificates for those impacted by the unstable weather in the emirate.

"The waiver of traffic fines was announced in response to the heavy downpour and extreme weather conditions experienced in the UAE on that day," stated Lieutenant General Al Marri, emphasizing the police's commitment to the well-being of the community during exceptional circumstances.

Key Takeaways

  • Dubai Police to waive all traffic fines incurred on April 16, 2023 due to extreme weather.
  • Heavy downpours and flooding caused havoc on Dubai's roads, leaving many cars abandoned or damaged.
  • The waiver exemplifies Dubai Police's commitment to supporting the community during hardship.
  • Similar initiatives were taken by other UAE authorities to mitigate the impact of the weather.
  • The decision reflects the police's understanding of the difficulties faced by motorists in the extreme conditions.