President Museveni and Chief Justice to Discuss Enhancing Uganda's Judiciary Budget

Ugandan President and Chief Justice to discuss increasing judiciary budget amid challenges. New court buildings commissioned, but more funding needed to address infrastructure, case backlog, and resource constraints.

Israel Ojoko
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President Museveni and Chief Justice to Discuss Enhancing Uganda's Judiciary Budget

President Museveni and Chief Justice to Discuss Enhancing Uganda's Judiciary Budget

President Yoweri Museveni and Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny-Dollo are set to meet to potentially reach a consensus on increasing the budget allocation for Uganda's Judiciary. The meeting comes amid ongoing challenges faced by the Judiciary, including inadequate funding, case backlog, and infrastructure constraints.

The Judiciary has been advocating for an enhanced budgetary allocation to address these issues and improve its capacity to deliver justice effectively. Chief Justice Owiny-Dollo has appealed to the President to increase the Judiciary's budget to 800 billion Ugandan shillings, which would enable the recruitment of more judges and the promotion of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

Why this matters: The outcome of the meeting between President Museveni and Chief Justice Owiny-Dollo could have significant implications for the functioning and independence of Uganda's Judiciary. Adequate funding is crucial for the Judiciary to fulfill its constitutional mandate and ensure access to justice for all citizens.

The meeting follows the recent commissioning of two new Appellate Court twin buildings in Kampala, fully funded by the Ugandan government and constructed by local companies. The new buildings, which will host the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal, are expected to save the government 6 billion shillings annually in rent. "The Supreme Court and Court of Appeal have been 'wandering like a rogue and vagabond' since 1967," Chief Justice Owiny-Dollo said, describing the new buildings as a historic milestone.

Despite this progress, the Judiciary still faces challenges in terms of infrastructure and resources. While the Supreme and Appeal Courts now have a permanent home, other court divisions continue to operate from rented spaces. The Chief Justice has emphasized the need for further infrastructure expansion, including the establishment of additional High Court circuits across the country to improve access to justice.

President Museveni praised the Judiciary's role in bringing peace and contributing to economic development during the commissioning ceremony for the new court buildings. He promised to invite the Chief Justice for a discussion on the Judiciary's priorities and budget constraints. The upcoming meeting between the two leaders is seen as an opportunity to find a resolution and secure the necessary resources to strengthen the Judiciary's capacity and effectiveness.

Key Takeaways

  • President Museveni and Chief Justice Owiny-Dollo to discuss increasing judiciary budget.
  • Judiciary seeks 800 billion Ugandan shillings to recruit more judges and expand ADR.
  • New Supreme and Appeal Court buildings to save government 6 billion shillings annually.
  • Judiciary still faces infrastructure and resource challenges, including rented court spaces.
  • Meeting aims to resolve judiciary's budget constraints and strengthen its capacity.