Ukrainian Company Unveils Stealth Submarine Capable of Torpedo Attacks

Ukrainian company Highland Systems unveils prototype of Kronos stealth submarine, designed for attack and special operations. The submarine has undergone sea tests and is expected to be upgraded with a quieter engine and electric batteries by September 2024.

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Ukrainian Company Unveils Stealth Submarine Capable of Torpedo Attacks

Ukrainian Company Unveils Stealth Submarine Capable of Torpedo Attacks

A Ukrainian company, Highland Systems, based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has completed a prototype of the Kronos stealth submarine. The submarine is designed for attack and can launch devastating torpedo attacks or secretly place magnetic mines on warships. It has room for 10 special forces troops, along with the pilot.

Why this matters: The development of advanced stealth submarines like the Kronos has significant implications for global naval warfare capabilities and the balance of power among nations. This technology could potentially shift the dynamics of special operations missions and underwater warfare, leading to a new era of military competition and strategy.

The Kronos submarine is equipped with an Italian-made"Black Scorpion"torpedo system, which has a range of 3000m. The craft is 9 meters long, can reach speeds of 50mph on water and 31mph when submerged, and has a maximum dive depth of250 meters. It is powered by a hybrid engine using an electric battery and diesel system, with a 36-hour air supply for extended missions.

The submarine features fold-up wings for transportation, an underwater drone, and a quadcopter for reconnaissance missions. The pilot navigates the sub using interior digital screens, and it can also be operated remotely as astealth drone.

Sea tests have been ongoing for the past year, and the submarine is "ready and tested," according to a Highland Systems spokesperson. Upgrades are currently being made, including the installation of a more powerful and quieter engine and electric batteries. The upgrades are expected to be completed by September 2024.

While Highland Systems cannot confirm Ukrainian deployment at this time, they have other countries' customers ready to place orders for the Kronos submarine. The unveiling of this advanced stealth submarine marks a significant development in naval warfare capabilities, offering a potent combination of speed, stealth, and firepower for special operations missions.