15-Year-Old Boy on Trial for Stabbing Death of Alfie Lewis in Leeds

15-year-old on trial for murdering Alfie Lewis, 15, near a school in Leeds. Witnesses describe the attack as "vicious" and Alfie as the "innocent party." The trial raises questions about self-defense claims in teen knife crime cases.

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15-Year-Old Boy on Trial for Stabbing Death of Alfie Lewis in Leeds

15-Year-Old Boy on Trial for Stabbing Death of Alfie Lewis in Leeds

A 15-year-old boy is on trial at Leeds Crown Court for the murder of Alfie Lewis, also 15, who was stabbed to death near a primary school in Horsforth, Leeds on November 7, 2023. The defendant claims he acted in self-defense, but witnesses have described Alfie as the "innocent party" in the altercation.

The court heard testimony from witnesses who saw the attack unfold. One witness, John Joseph, described it as "very vicious" with "no mercy" and said the defendant was trying to "inflict as much damage as he could." Another witness, a woman, said Alfie seemed "scared" and was the "innocent party," while a teenage girl saw the defendant running with a knife and attacking Alfie.

Prosecutors allege that the defendant, who was 14 at the time, approached Alfie and stabbed him twice - once in the chest and once in the leg - with a 13cm kitchen knife he had brought from home. The fatal stab wound was 14cm deep and punctured Alfie's heart. Witnesses say Alfie appeared "surprised and shocked" when the defendant attacked him.

The defendant and Alfie had been involved in previous incidents together, including a fight in July 2023 where Alfie intervened to defend a girl. On the day of the stabbing, the defendant's teacher described him as "bubbly and chatty" in his last lesson before the incident. The defendant's friend, who witnessed the stabbing, said there was nothing unusual about the defendant that day until he "just cut off" to approach Alfie.

Why this matters: The tragic stabbing death of Alfie Lewis highlights the ongoing issue of knife crime among young people in the UK. The trial raises questions about the circumstances that led to the altercation and the claim of self-defense in cases involving teenage defendants.

The prosecution argues that none of the witnesses saw Alfie as the aggressor in the incident. A witness who was in his car nearby said the defendant's actions were "merciless" and that he kept going back to stab Alfie even when he was on the ground. Alfie was seen on CCTV shortly before the incident and was heard saying "I'm fine" before collapsing from his injuries. The trial is ongoing at Leeds Crown Court.

Key Takeaways

  • 15-year-old boy on trial for murdering Alfie Lewis, also 15, in Leeds
  • Defendant claims self-defense, but witnesses describe Alfie as "innocent party"
  • Defendant stabbed Alfie twice with a 13cm kitchen knife, fatal wound was 14cm deep
  • Defendant and Alfie had prior incidents, defendant "bubbly" before attack
  • Tragic case highlights ongoing issue of knife crime among UK youth