23-Year-Old Arrested in Kircubbin Aggravated Burglary Incident

A 23-year-old man was arrested for an aggravated burglary in Kircubbin, Co Down, where he entered a property with an axe and knife, swinging at occupants. The suspect was arrested nearby after occupants shut a kitchen door and pushed him out, preventing injuries.

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23-Year-Old Arrested in Kircubbin Aggravated Burglary Incident

23-Year-Old Arrested in Kircubbin Aggravated Burglary Incident

A 23-year-old man has been arrested in connection with an aggravated burglary that occurred on Saturday night in the Church Walk area of Kircubbin, Co Down. The incident, which took place just before 10 pm, involved an intruder armed with an axe and a knife entering a property and swinging the weapons at the occupants.

Why this matters: This incident highlights the growing concern about violent crimes in residential areas, which can have a significant impact on community safety and trust in law enforcement. It also underscores the importance of prompt police response and effective investigation in preventing further harm and ensuring justice is served.

According to a PSNI spokesperson, "The suspect swung the weapons at a man who was inside the property – who had to swerve to avoid being injured." Other occupants inside the house managed to shut a kitchen door and push the suspect out of the area to avoid harm. The intruder then caused damage to the door with the weapons and exited the rear of the property, proceeding to smash the rear kitchen window from outside.

Officers quickly responded to the scene and located the suspect nearby in the Main Street area of Kircubbin. The 23-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of aggravated burglary, attempting to inflict grievous bodily harm (GBH), and possession of an offensive weapon with intent to commit an indictable offence. He remains in custody as the investigation continues.

Detective Sergeant Westbury is appealing to anyone who may have information that could assist with the investigation to come forward. This includes individuals who may have CCTV, dash-cam, or mobile phone footage related to the incident. Witnesses can contact the police on 101, quoting reference 1861 11/05/24, submit a report online using the non-emergency reporting form, or reach out to Crimestoppers anonymously.

The aggravated burglary in Kircubbin has left the local community shaken. The swift actions of the occupants in shutting the kitchen door and pushing the intruder out of the area likely prevented serious injuries. As the suspect remains in custody, the police continue their investigation into this disturbing incident that has disrupted the peace in this Co Down village.

Key Takeaways

  • 23-year-old man arrested for aggravated burglary in Kircubbin, Co Down.
  • Intruder armed with axe and knife entered property, swung at occupants.
  • Occupants shut kitchen door, pushed suspect out, preventing harm.
  • Suspect arrested on suspicion of aggravated burglary, GBH, and weapon possession.
  • Police appeal for witnesses, CCTV, and dash-cam footage to aid investigation.