Audible and Babbel Customers Surprised by Easy Refunds for Unused Subscriptions

Subscription services like Audible and Babbel make it easy for customers to get refunds for unused services, setting a positive example in the subscription economy plagued by accidental payments.

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Audible and Babbel Customers Surprised by Easy Refunds for Unused Subscriptions

Audible and Babbel Customers Surprised by Easy Refunds for Unused Subscriptions

Customers of popular subscription services Audible and Babbel have been pleasantly surprised by the ease of obtaining refunds for unused subscriptions. This comes as Citizens Advice reports that accidental payments cost UK consumers £688 million last year, highlighting a growing issue in the subscription economy.

Many consumers sign up for subscription services without realizing it, often forgetting to cancel free trials or having subscriptions auto-renew without their knowledge. However, Audible and Babbel customers have found that getting refunds for unused services may be easier than expected.

By simply contacting customer service and explaining they had not used the subscription, customers were able to secure refunds from both companies. This contrasts with reports of Babbel in particular taking money without providing any service.

Why this matters: The subscription model has become increasingly prevalent, but it can lead to consumers being charged for services they do not use or want. The ease of obtaining refunds from Audible and Babbel sets a positive example for other subscription providers to follow in prioritizing customer satisfaction and transparency.

The upcoming Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill in the UK may offer additional protection for consumers. The bill would require subscription providers to remind customers before contracts auto-renew and provide a 14-day cooling off period.

While refunds can be challenging for small businesses, some like Be Happy Resources are offering them to support customers during the cost-of-living crisis. "We know that times are tough for many people right now," said a Be Happy Resources spokesperson. "Offering refunds is one small way we can help our customers manage their budgets and ensure they are only paying for the services they truly need and use."

Key Takeaways

  • Audible and Babbel customers easily obtain refunds for unused subscriptions.
  • Accidental subscription payments cost UK consumers £688 million in 2023.
  • Babbel took money without providing service, contrasting with easy refunds.
  • UK's upcoming Digital Markets Bill aims to protect consumers from auto-renewals.
  • Some businesses offer refunds to help customers manage costs during crisis.