Edenbridge Welcomes New Post Office Branch at Costcutter Store

Edenbridge town in the UK has opened a new Post Office branch, replacing the previous one that closed in November 2023. The new branch, located within the Costcutter Store, offers expanded hours and three dedicated counters to serve customers.

Nitish Verma
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Edenbridge Welcomes New Post Office Branch at Costcutter Store

Edenbridge Welcomes New Post Office Branch at Costcutter Store

Edenbridge town in the UK is celebrating the opening of a new Post Office branch, bringing an end to six months without a permanent postal service. The new branch, located within the Costcutter Store on High Street, replaces the previous Post Office that closed in November 2023 at 36 High Street.

Why this matters: The restoration of postal services in Edenbridge has significant implications for the local community, particularly for elderly and vulnerable residents who rely heavily on these services. The expanded hours and convenient location of the new branch will also boost local businesses and contribute to the town's economic growth.

The new Post Office boasts expanded operating hours, with service available from 7am to 11pm Monday to Saturday and from 7am to 10pm on Sundays. This marks a significant increase from the previous branch's hours, effectively doubling the time customers can access postal services. Postmaster Rathivarman Soundararasha will oversee operations at the new location, which features three dedicated Post Office counters to serve customers.

Emily Clive, Post Office Network Provision Manager, expressed delight at the restoration of services in Edenbridge, stating, "We are delighted to have fully restored Post Office services to Edenbridge. The new Post Office is now open daily from early until late, making it very convenient for customers to visit, as, in fact, the opening hours have doubled." Since the end of December, a temporary Post Office branch had been operating within the Costcutter Store to provide interim service to the community. However, following a refit, the branch has now been fully expanded and upgraded to offer the complete range of Post Office products and services.

The opening of the new Edenbridge Post Office branch marks a welcome return of vital services to the town. With expanded hours and a convenient location within the Costcutter Store, residents can now easily access postal services seven days a week. The restoration of the Post Office is expected to provide a significant boost to the local community and businesses in Edenbridge.

Key Takeaways

  • Edenbridge, UK gets a new permanent Post Office branch after 6 months.
  • New branch has expanded hours: 7am-11pm Mon-Sat, 7am-10pm Sun.
  • Located within Costcutter Store on High Street, replacing previous branch.
  • Three dedicated counters serve customers, with full range of services.
  • Restoration of services expected to boost local community and businesses.