Former Manchester Gang Leader Lee 'Cabbo' Amos Dies in Prison at 48

Lee 'Cabbo' Amos, ex-leader of Manchester's notorious Gooch Gang, died in prison at 48 after a 35-year sentence for a 2009 drive-by killing. His life highlights the tragic cycle of gang violence and revenge.

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Former Manchester Gang Leader Lee 'Cabbo' Amos Dies in Prison at 48

Former Manchester Gang Leader Lee 'Cabbo' Amos Dies in Prison at 48

Lee 'Cabbo' Amos, the former leader of Manchester's notorious Gooch Gang, died in prison on April 22, 2024, at the age of 48. Amos was serving a minimum 35-year sentence for the 2009 drive-by killing of 24-year-old Tyrone Gilbert.

Amos had plotted revenge after his 21-year-old brother, Stephen 'Baba Tunde' Amos, was killed in a drive-by shooting outside a bar in Ashton-under-Lyne in 2002. Police believed the murder was carried out by a member of the rival Longsight Crew gang. While in prison, Amos and fellow gangster Colin 'Piggy' Joyce planned retaliation, leading to a dramatic escalation in gun crime in the area.

After their release, Amos and Joyce were involved in two deadly drive-by shootings, killing Ucal Chin and Tyrone Gilbert, who they believed were associated with the Longsight Crew, though the victims were not directly involved in Stephen's murder. Amos was determined to settle old scores, especially with the Longsight Crew, and took on a leadership role in the Gooch Gang upon his return to the streets.

Why this matters: The cycle of gang violence and revenge in Manchester has had devastating consequences for families and communities. Amos's death in prison highlights the tragic outcomes of a life entrenched in organized crime and the ongoing challenges in breaking the cycle of retaliatory violence.

Amos was regarded by police as the Gooch gang's "best weapon" due to his "cool, calm and collected" demeanor. After the imprisonment of Amos, Joyce, and other Gooch Gang members in 2009, shootings in the area fell by 92 percent. The court compared their crimes to those of Al Capone's during the prohibition era in 1920s America. Joyce received a life sentence with a minimum term of 39 years, while Amos was given a minimum of 35 years.

Amos, also known as Cabbo, passed away at HMP Oakwood in Staffordshire. An investigation into his death is currently underway by the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman. "Amos died in prison at the age of 48, unable to escape the consequences of the bloody feud that had torn his family apart," a prison spokesperson stated.

Key Takeaways

  • Lee 'Cabbo' Amos, Gooch Gang leader, died in prison at 48.
  • Amos plotted revenge for his brother's 2002 murder, leading to escalated gun crime.
  • Amos and Joyce involved in 2 deadly drive-by shootings, imprisoned in 2009.
  • After Amos/Joyce imprisonment, area shootings fell 92%.
  • Amos died in prison, unable to escape consequences of family feud.