Man Arrested After Sword Attack on Public and Police in East London, 5 Hospitalized

Sword-wielding man attacks public and police in London, sparking concerns over public safety and police response. Authorities assure no terror link, investigation ongoing.

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Man Arrested After Sword Attack on Public and Police in East London

Man Arrested After Sword Attack on Public and Police in East London

A 36-year-old man has been arrested after attacking members of the public and two police officers with a sword in Hainault, east London. The Metropolitan Police were called shortly before 7 AM on Tuesday to reports of a vehicle being driven into a house and people being stabbed in the Thurlow Gardens area.

Eyewitness Manpreet Singh described seeing a group of people trying to fight off a man with a sword, with one person being stabbed. The police responded quickly, with around 7-8 police cars arriving on the scene. The suspect tried to get into a house but was tasered by police. In total, 4-5 people were reported to have been stabbed.

The London Ambulance Service said emergency workers treated five people at the scene and took them to the hospital, including the two police officers. The condition of the injured individuals is not yet known.

The Metropolitan Police have stated that the incident "does not appear to be terror related" and that there is no ongoing threat to the wider community. They are not looking for any more suspects. The police have expressed that this must have been a frightening incident for those involved and the wider community is feeling shock and alarm.

Why this matters: The bold attack in a residential area during the morning has raised concerns about public safety and the swift police response to such incidents. It highlights the challenges faced by law enforcement in dealing with armed individuals and the importance of community vigilance.

The Hainault underground station was closed due to the police investigation in the area, and nearby roads were also closed with local buses on diversion. The Metropolitan Police have urged people not to speculate or share footage online, and to provide any relevant information to the authorities as the investigation continues.

Key Takeaways

  • 36-year-old man attacked public, 2 police with sword in Hainault, London.
  • 4-5 people stabbed, 2 police officers injured, suspect tasered by police.
  • Incident not terror-related, no ongoing threat, police not seeking other suspects.
  • Hainault station closed, nearby roads shut, investigation ongoing, no speculation.
  • Police and emergency services praised for their swift response.