Manhunt Underway for Two Suspects in Corrosive Substance Attack in York

North Yorkshire Police launch urgent manhunt for two suspects in corrosive substance attack, leaving victim with serious burns. Public urged to contact police with information.

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Manhunt Underway for Two Suspects in Corrosive Substance Attack in York

Manhunt Underway for Two Suspects in Corrosive Substance Attack in York

North Yorkshire Police have initiated an urgent manhunt for two suspects, Joshua Anthony Strickland, 29, and Robinson Peter Fitch Binks, 26, in connection with a suspected corrosive substance attack on a man in his 30s in York on April 19, 2024. The victim sustained serious burn injuries over his back and had to undergo emergency surgery. He remains hospitalized in a serious but stable condition.

The incident took place at an address in Fossway, where the victim was allegedly attacked with a corrosive substance. Police are conducting intensive searches and inquiries to apprehend Strickland and Binks, who are believed to be involved in the attack. A 41-year-old local woman has already been arrested in connection with the incident and released on conditional bail while investigations continue.

Why this matters: Corrosive substance attacks, often referred to as acid attacks, are a serious and heinous crime that can cause life-altering injuries and trauma to victims. The urgency of the manhunt emphasizes the severity of the offense and the need to bring the perpetrators to justice swiftly to ensure public safety.

Detective Inspector Nichola Holden of North Yorkshire Police stated, "We are doing everything we can to locate these two men as a matter of urgency and bring them into custody. The victim has suffered serious injuries and remains in hospital receiving treatment." Police are urging anyone with information about the whereabouts of Strickland and Binks to come forward immediately and quote reference number 12240067920.

The public is advised not to approach the suspects if spotted but to contact the police immediately. As the manhunt continues, North Yorkshire Police remain committed to apprehending the individuals responsible for this violent attack and ensuring they face the consequences of their actions. The victim continues to receive medical care and support during this difficult time.

Key Takeaways

  • North Yorkshire Police search for 2 suspects in corrosive attack
  • Victim, 30s, suffered serious burn injuries and is hospitalized
  • Incident occurred in Fossway, York on April 19, 2024
  • A 41-year-old woman arrested, released on bail during investigation
  • Public urged to contact police with information, not approach suspects