Pro-Palestine Protesters Disrupt Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Oxford Union Speech

Pro-Palestine protesters disrupt Pelosi's speech at Oxford Union, calling her a "warmonger" and demanding an end to the "genocide" in Gaza.

Nimrah Khatoon
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Pro-Palestine Protesters Disrupt Nancy Pelosi's Oxford Union Speech

Pro-Palestine Protesters Disrupt Nancy Pelosi's Oxford Union Speech

On April 26, 2024, pro-Palestine demonstrators interrupted former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's address, pro at the Oxford Union in the UK, just days after she suggested that such protests have a "Russian tinge." The protesters, led by the group Youth Demand, stood silently in front of Pelosi while she continued her speech, holding up Palestinian flags.

Video footage shows a protester, stands, front of Pelosi while she continued speaking. The two protesters were eventually removed by police after standing in front of Pelosi for the duration of her speech. Outside the building, around 250 demonstrators chanted "free Palestine" and "end the genocide."

Youth Demand called Pelosi a "warmonger" and said she is not welcome on speech, pro, university campuses. In a statement, the group warned that their protesters "aren't f--king around anymore." The Oxford Union stated that they support the right to peaceful protest, and Pelosi did not comment further on the disruption.

Why this matters: The incident occurred amid a broader wave of pro-Palestinian gatherings and sit-ins on college campuses across the United States. These protests have called for schools to cut financial ties with Israel and withdraw from businesses involved in the conflict.

Pelosi was being hosted by the Oxford Union as it voted on a motion about the threat of populism to democracy. She had previously defended President Biden's response to the outbreak of war between Israel and Hamas, and said she sees "some encouragement on the part of the Russians" in the protests against her. During her university, speech, Pelosi called for peace in Gaza, acknowledging the right to protest and noting that her own Democratic party had recently waved Ukraine flags in Congress.

The event, meant to see Pelosi debate a motion on populism being a threat to democracy, was disrupted by the speech, pro, protesters. The demonstrators, wearing "Youth Demand" T-shirts, remained silent for Pelosi's full 20-minute speech before being removed by police. Pelosi also criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying he "has to go" and that "the suffering of Gaza must stop."

Key Takeaways

  • Pro-Palestine protesters disrupted Pelosi's speech at Oxford Union in UK on April 26, 2024.
  • Protesters held Palestinian flags and called Pelosi a "warmonger" who is not welcome on campuses.
  • Pelosi had previously defended Biden's response to Israel-Hamas conflict and criticized Netanyahu.
  • The protest was part of a broader wave of pro-Palestinian gatherings on US college campuses.
  • Pelosi acknowledged the right to protest and the suffering in Gaza during her speech.