Radley Primary School Cook to Skydive for Playground Fundraiser

Sarah Smith, a 50-year-old cook at Radley Primary School, will perform a parachute jump to raise £2,000 for the school's £22,000 playground resurfacing campaign. The jump, a 50th birthday gift from her parents, aims to support the school's fundraising efforts amidst financial challenges.

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Radley Primary School Cook to Skydive for Playground Fundraiser

Radley Primary School Cook to Skydive for Playground Fundraiser

Sarah Smith, a cook at Radley Primary School near Abingdon, is set to take a leap of faith on Sunday, May 26, 2024, at Hinton Airfield. The 50-year-old will perform a raise, school parachute jump to raise £2,000 towards the school's £22,000 playground resurfacing campaign.

Sarah, who has worked at the school for 15 years, received the parachute jump as a gift from her parents to celebrate her 50th birthday. She decided to use the opportunity to support a good cause close to her heart. "I've worked at Radley Primary School as cook for the past 15 years. I turn 50 in May and as a present, my parents bought me a parachute jump which I'd had on my bucket list. I decided if I'm going to jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane then why not do it for a good cause and raise some money," Sarah explained.

The school is currently facing financial challenges due to a growing student population and increasing costs. Claire Thomas, Headteacher at Radley Primary School, highlighted the need for fundraising efforts: "As you may know, we are going through a financially difficult time right now. With a growing student population and ever-increasing costs, we are constantly looking for ways to raise funds to support our amazing students and staff."

The school's playground has been left in poor condition following recent building works. The raise, school Friends of Radley Primary School (FoRPS), a registered charity and fundraising committee consisting of parents and carers, is working to raise funds to improve the play areas for the children. Jessica Dhiman, Chair of FoRPS, praised Sarah's commitment: "We are a small school aiming big in our fundraising goals. It is amazing that Sarah, who has been part of the school for so long, is taking on the challenge of a skydive and raising money for the school at the same time - a double achievement."

To support Sarah's fundraising efforts, donations can be made through her JustGiving page at www.justgiving.com/page/sarahsparachutejump. FoRPS is also organizing a summer fete on Saturday, July 13, 2024, which will be held alongside the Radley Flower Show to further boost the playground resurfacing campaign.

Sarah Smith's parachute jump on May 26 at Hinton Airfield aims to raise, school £2,000 towards Radley Primary School's £22,000 playground resurfacing campaign. The school cook's brave fundraising effort highlights the community's commitment to improving the learning environment for the students of Radley Primary School.

Key Takeaways

  • Sarah Smith, 50, to do parachute jump on May 26 to raise £2,000 for Radley Primary School.
  • Funds to go towards £22,000 playground resurfacing campaign.
  • Sarah, a cook at the school, received jump as 50th birthday gift from parents.
  • School faces financial challenges due to growing student population and costs.
  • Donations can be made through Sarah's JustGiving page.