Roman Painted House in Dover Set to Reopen After Restoration

The Roman Painted House in Dover, Kent, is set to reopen in 2024 after extensive restoration, boosting tourism and the town's regeneration efforts. This archaeological gem offers a glimpse into wealthy Roman life in ancient Britain.

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Roman Painted House in Dover Set to Reopen After Restoration

Roman Painted House in Dover Set to Reopen After Restoration

The Roman Painted House in Dover, Kent, a remarkable archaeological site dating back to around AD 200, is scheduled to reopen to the public by the end of July 2024 following extensive remedial work.

The historic house, discovered in 1970, boasts well-preserved painted plaster walls and an advanced underfloor heating system, offering a glimpse into the life of wealthy Romans in ancient Britain.

The reopening of the Roman Painted House is part of a broader regeneration effort in Dover, with local authorities aiming to boost tourism and economic activity in the town center. The site is expected to attract increased footfall and spending, serving as a key catalyst for revitalizing the area. "The opening of the Roman Painted House is seen as a key catalyst in the regeneration of Dover, as it is expected to bring increased footfall and spending to the town," according to the local council.

Dover District Council has approved the necessary remedial work to prepare the Roman Painted House for public access. The council is collaborating with partners to transform the surrounding area into an attractive destination for living, working, visiting, learning, and investing. The Roman Painted House forms part of a significant set of archaeological remains in Dover's town center, which also includes a Roman bath house.

Why this matters: The reopening of the Roman Painted House in Dover highlights the importance of preserving and showcasing historical sites for public engagement and education. By investing in the restoration and promotion of this unique archaeological treasure, Dover aims to boost its tourism industry and contribute to the overall regeneration of the town center.

Admission to the Roman Painted House will be free of charge, ensuring that visitors from all walks of life can experience and appreciate this remarkable piece of Roman history. The reopening in July 2024 marks a significant milestone in Dover's efforts to celebrate its rich heritage and attract visitors to explore the town's fascinating past. "The local authority, Dover District Council, has approved the remedial work and is working with partners to make the area a great place to live, work, visit, learn, and invest," emphasizing the collaborative approach to revitalizing Dover.

Key Takeaways

  • Roman Painted House in Dover to reopen by July 2024 after restoration.
  • Reopening part of Dover's regeneration effort to boost tourism and economy.
  • Remedial work approved by Dover District Council, collaborating with partners.
  • Roman Painted House offers glimpse into wealthy Romans' life in ancient Britain.
  • Free admission to ensure public access and appreciation of Roman history.