Stepfather Sentenced to 22 Months for Filming Stepdaughter Naked

Teenager discovers stepfather hid camera in her room, leading to his arrest and conviction. She now advocates for harsher sentences for voyeurism crimes.

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Stepfather Sentenced to 22 Months for Filming Stepdaughter Naked

Stepfather Sentenced to 22 Months for Filming Stepdaughter Naked

In September 2021, Catherine Simpson, then 18, made a shocking discovery that her stepfather, Paul Sellwood, had hidden a camera among her teddies, filming her naked and using her underwear and sex toys for his own sexual gratification. This disturbing revelation led to Sellwood's arrest and a 22-month prison sentence for voyeurism in September 2023 at Northampton Crown Court.

Catherine had previously raised concerns about Sellwood's sexually suggestive behavior, but her mother dismissed them, saying he "didn't mean anything by it." However, the truth came to light when Catherine's brother found a photo of her in her work uniform on the family iPad, which seemed to have been taken from above her wardrobe. This prompted Catherine to contact the police, resulting in Sellwood's arrest and conviction.

Why this matters: This case highlights the importance of taking allegations of sexual misconduct seriously, especially when they involve family members. It also emphasizes the need for increased awareness and support for victims of voyeurism and other sexual offenses.

In response to her stepfather's actions and the perceived leniency of his sentence, Catherine has launched a government petition calling for an increase in maximum sentences for sex offenses, including voyeurism. She feels that the 22-month sentence Sellwood received is "a slap on the wrist" compared to other crimes.

Key Takeaways

  • Catherine Simpson, 18, discovered stepdad hid camera to film her naked
  • Stepdad Paul Sellwood sentenced to 22 months in prison for voyeurism
  • Catherine feels sentence is too lenient, launches petition for harsher penalties
  • Judge acknowledged devastating impact on Catherine, imposed restraining order
  • Case highlights need to take sexual misconduct allegations seriously, especially in families