USP College Students Shine at Secret 7 Art Exhibition in London

USP College students' artwork is featured alongside celebrities' creations at the Secret 7 art auction and exhibition in London, raising money for charity Warchild. Three Year 1 illustration and graphics students had their work accepted into the exhibition, showcasing their talent and creativity.

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USP College Students Shine at Secret 7 Art Exhibition in London

USP College Students Shine at Secret 7 Art Exhibition in London

Students from USP College have made their mark on the art world by having their artwork featured alongside creations by renowned celebrities at the Secret 7 art auction and exhibition at London's NOW Gallery in Greenwich. This marks the first time the college has participated in the prestigious event, having previously visited with students.

Three talented Year 1 illustration and graphics students, Kara Nichols, Taylor Hodnett, and Nikky Gerard, had their work accepted into the exhibition. Their artwork is displayed alongside 700 other 7" pieces, including creations by notable figures such as Sir Paul Smith, Rankin, and Jamie Hewitt. The event aims to raise money for the charity Warchild, which supports children affected by conflict.

The students drew inspiration from the music of renowned artists such as The Chemical Brothers, Paul McCartney, and Siouxsie & The Banshees to create their unique designs. Tara Bowman, Illustration and Graphics Course Leader at USP College, expressed her pride in the students' achievement, stating, "The students picked are among high-profile artists and well-known designers which is a massive achievement for them. I am so pleased and proud... The designs were inventive, well composed, clever and sympathetic to the meaning and message within the specially selected tracks."

USP College offers creative courses across all three of its campuses, including the XTEND Digital Campus on Canvey. The college is committed to providing students with regular opportunities to immerse themselves in the industries they aspire to work in through live briefs set by employers. The Secret 7 exhibition is one of four events creative arts students have participated in within a month, demonstrating the college's dedication to offering real-world experiences.

The Secret 7 exhibition at London's NOW Gallery in Greenwich includes a private viewing for students to see their work and interact with artists and designers. The event showcases the exceptional talent and creativity of USP College students, who have proven their ability to stand alongside established artists in the industry. Their success at this prestigious event serves as a testament to the quality of education and opportunities provided by USP College in nurturing the next generation of creative professionals.

Key Takeaways

  • USP College students' artwork featured alongside celebrities at Secret 7 art auction.
  • 3 students' work accepted into exhibition, displayed alongside 700 other pieces.
  • Event raises money for charity Warchild, supporting children affected by conflict.
  • Students drew inspiration from renowned artists' music for their designs.
  • USP College provides real-world experiences, nurturing next-gen creative professionals.