Vanessa Feltz Departs TalkTV as Station Moves Online

Vanessa Feltz exits TalkTV as the network transitions to an online-only platform, reflecting the evolving media landscape. High-profile departures and schedule changes signal TalkTV's adaptation to changing audience habits.

Ayesha Mumtaz
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Vanessa Feltz Departs TalkTV as Station Moves Online

Vanessa Feltz Departs TalkTV as Station Moves Online

Vanessa Feltz, a prominent presenter on TalkTV, has announced her exit from the network after two years. Her departure coincides with TalkTV's major schedule changes and preparations to transition from a linear TV channel to an online platform this summer.

Feltz, who hosted the drivetime slot on TalkTV, expressed appreciation for her time at the "fledgling station," including the honor of breaking the news of Queen Elizabeth II's passing to viewers. In a statement, she said, "It was my honour to break the news of the passing of Her Majesty, the Queen to viewers and broadcast live throughout that momentous time."

As part of the schedule reorganization, Jeremy Kyle will replace Feltz in the drivetime slot for four days a week, with Peter Cardwell hosting on Fridays. Other changes include Mike Graham moving to the Breakfast show, while Julia Hartley-Brewer remains in her morning slot.

Feltz's departure follows the earlier exit of Piers Morgan, who left his daily show on TalkTV just weeks ago. Morgan cited frustrations with producing content in a traditional TV format when most of his audience tunes in through different platforms.

TalkTV's parent company, News UK, praised Feltz's unique contribution to the station over the past two years. The channel, which launched in 2022, has struggled to attract viewers on its linear platform, prompting the decision to shift its focus to digital audiences through streaming.

Why this matters: The departure of high-profile presenters like Vanessa Feltz and Piers Morgan, coupled with TalkTV's move to an online-only platform, reflects the evolving landscape of media consumption. As audiences increasingly turn to digital platforms for their news and entertainment, traditional TV channels are being compelled to adapt and evolve to remain relevant.

TalkTV will stop broadcasting on television this summer, with its shows available via DAB+, smart speaker, live on YouTube, and through connected TV. The station's focus on digital platforms is part of its effort to adapt to changing audience habits and reach viewers where they are consuming content.

Key Takeaways

  • Vanessa Feltz announces exit from TalkTV after 2 years.
  • TalkTV to transition from linear TV to online platform this summer.
  • Jeremy Kyle to replace Feltz in drivetime slot, other schedule changes.
  • Piers Morgan's earlier exit cited audience shift to digital platforms.
  • TalkTV's move to digital reflects evolving media consumption landscape.