15-Year-Old with Rare Mobility Disorder Serves as 'Cop For a Day' in California

"15-year-old with rare mobility disorder fulfills dream of being a police officer for a day, highlighting the power of community outreach and inclusion."

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15-Year-Old with Rare Mobility Disorder Serves as 'Cop For a Day' in California

15-Year-Old with Rare Mobility Disorder Serves as 'Cop For a Day' in California

Eva, a 15-year-old with a rare mobility disorder, recently fulfilled her dream of being a police officer for a day with the Willits Police Department in California. The police department hosted Eva after learning that she aspired to join their force, and her application as a Junior Police Officer was accepted.

During her day as a 'Cop For a Day', Eva rode along with Officer Gale, waving at people and letting them off with stern warnings. She also assisted Officer Gale with a traffic stop in front of the Willits Justice Center, where she believed the best course of action was to issue a traffic ticket.

The Willits Police Department described Eva as a "kind, loving, and inspirational young woman" who has always wanted to be a police officer and loves interacting with the officers in the community. They hosted Eva to give her the opportunity to experience what it's like to be a police officer and to fulfill her dream.

Why this matters: Eva's experience as a 'Cop For a Day' highlights the importance of community outreach and the positive impact that law enforcement can have on individuals, especially those facing unique challenges. It demonstrates how small gestures of kindness and inclusion can make a significant difference in someone's life.

Officer Gale expressed his admiration for Eva's determination and positive attitude, stating, "Eva's enthusiasm and love for the community is truly inspiring. It was an honor to have her ride along with me and assist with a traffic stop. She has a bright future ahead of her." The Willits Police Department plans to continue their 'Cop For a Day' program to engage with more community members and provide unique experiences for individuals like Eva.

Key Takeaways

  • 15-year-old Eva with rare mobility disorder fulfilled dream of being police officer
  • Willits PD hosted Eva, let her ride along, assist with traffic stop
  • Eva waved at people, issued traffic ticket, described as kind and inspirational
  • Cop For a Day program highlights community outreach, positive impact of law enforcement
  • Willits PD plans to continue program to engage more community members