46 Dogs Rescued from Smoke-Filled Pet Hotel in New Jersey as Adjacent Building Catches Fire

Police and firefighters heroically rescued 46 dogs from a burning pet hotel in Fairfield, NJ, highlighting the importance of safety measures in commercial pet facilities.

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46 Dogs Rescued from Smoke-Filled Pet Hotel in New Jersey as Adjacent Building Catches Fire

46 Dogs Rescued from Smoke-Filled Pet Hotel in New Jersey as Adjacent Building Catches Fire

On Saturday night, police officers in Fairfield, New Jersey saved 46 dogs from a smoke-filled pet hotel as an adjacent building caught fire. The officers rushed into the K9 Resorts Hotel, which was filled with smoke, and immediately began evacuating the trapped dogs. Bodycam footage shows the officers forcing their way through locked doors to reach the animals and quickly carrying them out to safety.

Firefighters arrived shortly after and helped in the rescue effort. The dogs were safely removed from the hotel as firefighters worked to extinguish the blaze in the adjacent building. A local resident, Graham Clarke, also helped herd the rescued dogs into a play area. No serious injuries were reported among the dogs or first responders, but the police officer who initially responded was treated for smoke inhalation.

The fire caused the most damage to the nearby MR Convenience and Smoke Shop, while the K9 Resorts Hotel and other businesses in the complex suffered smoke damage. Officials said the fire started in a separate building, and the cause was still under investigation. "The dogs were temporarily placed in a vacant space at the Pio Costa complex, and some were picked up by their owners, while the remaining animals were moved to other K9 Resorts locations," stated K9 Resorts in a statement.

Why this matters: The incident highlights the quick response and coordination between emergency services to ensure the safety of the animals during the fire. It also emphasizes the importance of pet safety measures and evacuation plans in commercial pet care facilities.

The successful evacuation of the 46 dogs was credited to the bravery and quick actions of the responding police officers and firefighters. K9 Resorts expressed deep appreciation for the first responders' efforts, with co-founder Steven Parker stating, "We are forever grateful to the first responders, their quick thinking, and the careful execution of a plan that kept our furry guests safe in a stressful situation." The pet hotel and other affected businesses remain closed as the investigation into the cause of the fire continues.

Key Takeaways

  • 46 dogs rescued from smoke-filled pet hotel in Fairfield, NJ
  • Police officers and firefighters coordinated to evacuate the animals
  • No serious injuries reported, but one officer treated for smoke inhalation
  • Fire caused damage to nearby businesses, investigation ongoing
  • Incident highlights importance of pet safety measures in commercial facilities