Boardman Trustees Approve Firefighter Gear, Discuss Projects

Boardman Township trustees approved $24,493 for new firefighter gear and discussed updates on infrastructure projects, including a stormwater park restoration and sewer improvement. The township also welcomed a new police officer and announced plans for an open house at the fire department.

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Boardman Trustees Approve Firefighter Gear, Discuss Projects

Boardman Trustees Approve Firefighter Gear, Discuss Projects

The Boardman Township trustees held a meeting on May 13, 2024, approving several key initiatives and discussing updates on various projects. The trustees approved $24,493 for the purchase of new Janesville V-Force turnout gear for the Boardman Fire Department as part of their standard annual replacement program.

Why this matters: The investment in new firefighter gear demonstrates the township's commitment to ensuring the safety of its first responders, which is crucial for effective emergency response and community protection. This decision also highlights the importance of regular equipment replacement to maintain the highest level of service delivery.

Fire Chief Mark Pitzer explained, "Turnout gear has a 10-year shelf life," and the department replaces around 8-10 sets per year. The chief also announced that the department's new ambulance is now in service and has already transported several patients.

During the meeting, Police Chief Todd Werth introduced new officer Frankie Decenzi, a recent graduate of the Youngstown State University Police Academy who is awaiting state certification. Werth also shared that Sgt. Mike Sweeney will attend a prestigious 10-week FBI leadership training program in Quantico, Virginia, joining four other Boardman police officers who have participated in the program.

The township is currently accepting bids for two major infrastructure projects. The Forest Lawn Stormwater Park restoration project aims to alleviate local flooding and stream erosion by opening up the Cranberry Run stream and restoring it to more natural conditions. The Baymar Drive sewer improvement project will utilize new technology to reseal sewer pipe seams without the need to dig up the entire road.

Road Superintendent Marilyn Kenner provided an update on the township's repaving projects, which will be bid out in June and awarded after July 1. However, changes in the Ohio Public Works Commission's guidelines regarding grants for road projects may affect future funding for these initiatives.

Other updates from the meeting included plans for an open house at the Boardman Fire Department, with a date to be announced, and an upcoming meeting of the ABC Water District on May 14 at the Boardman Government Center. The next trustees meeting is scheduled for May 28, due to the Memorial Day holiday.

The Boardman Township trustees continue to prioritize the safety and well-being of the community through investments in essential equipment for first responders and infrastructure improvements. As the township moves forward with these projects, residents can expect to see enhancements in public safety, flood control, and road conditions in the coming months.

Key Takeaways

  • Boardman Fire Department gets $24,493 for new turnout gear.
  • New ambulance is in service and has transported patients.
  • Police Department welcomes new officer Frankie Decenzi.
  • Township seeks bids for Forest Lawn Stormwater Park and Baymar Drive sewer projects.
  • Repaving projects to be bid out in June, with awards after July 1.