Body of Missing Mississippi Man Found in River, Brother Suspects Foul Play

Mysterious death of Sudanese refugee Dau Mabil in Mississippi sparks calls for federal investigation amid concerns over handling of the case by local authorities.

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Body of Missing Mississippi Man Found in River, Brother Suspects Foul Play

Body of Missing Mississippi Man Found in River, Brother Suspects Foul Play

The body of Dau Mabil, a 33-year-old man who went missing in Jackson, Mississippi on March 25, was found in the Pearl River about 60 miles away on Saturday. While preliminary autopsy results did not indicate any signs of foul play, Mabil's brother, Bul Mabil, believes that his brother was killed and is calling for federal intervention in the investigation.

Dau Mabil, a resident of Belhaven Heights in Jackson, was last seen leaving his home for a walk on March 25. His wife, Karissa Bowley, reported him missing to the Capitol Police Department that same day. Video surveillance footage from the area where Dau was last seen showed what is believed to be several people moving a body into a truck.

After 24 days, Dau's body was discovered floating in the Pearl River in Lawrence County, Mississippi on April 13. The preliminary autopsy conducted by the state crime lab did not reveal any obvious signs of foul play. However, Bul Mabil strongly believes that someone is responsible for his brother's death and has been advocating for justice and transparency in the inquiry.

Why this matters: The suspicious circumstances surrounding Dau Mabil's disappearance and death have raised concerns about the handling of the investigation by authorities. The case has garnered national attention and calls for federal intervention, highlighting issues of transparency and potential bias in investigations involving marginalized communities.

Bul Mabil filed a petition for an emergency temporary restraining order against Dau's wife, the Mississippi State Crime Lab, and the Capitol Police, fearing that Dau's remains would be released without a thorough autopsy. The Hinds County Chancery Court ordered the state to conduct an autopsy and also allowed Bul to pursue an independent autopsy at his own expense.

The relatives and their supporters have gathered surveillance videos and photos that they believe point to possible suspects and a potential hate crime. U.S. Representative Bennie Thompson has written to the Attorney General, requesting federal assistance in the investigation before evidence is lost or destroyed. The NAACP has also sent a letter to the Department of Justice, urging a swift investigation to ensure justice for Dau, his family, and the Jackson community.

Bul Mabil expressed frustration with the lack of information provided by the Capitol Police, who are leading the investigation. "We haven't really been getting any information on where the case is going," Bul stated at a press conference. The family's lawyer, Lisa Ross, emphasized the need for a broader investigation involving state and federal law enforcement agencies.

The tragic case of Dau Mabil, who was part of the Lost Boys of Sudan and found refuge in the United States, has left his loved ones devastated. Bul Mabil plans to raise Dau's young son. As the investigation continues, the family and community are demanding explanations, transparency, and justice in determining what happened to Dau Mabil. Representative Bennie Thompson an

Key Takeaways

  • Dau Mabil, 33, found dead in Pearl River, 60 miles from home.
  • Autopsy did not indicate foul play, but family believes he was killed.
  • Family seeks federal intervention, citing lack of transparency in investigation.
  • Surveillance footage shows possible suspects moving a body into a truck.
  • Congressman and NAACP call for DOJ investigation into Mabil's suspicious death.