Border Patrol Agent Exposes Cartel Control and National Security Crisis

A Border Patrol agent claims the Biden administration has lost control of the US-Mexico border to drug cartels, with nearly 8 million illegal aliens encountered since February 2021. The agent warns of a major national security threat, citing cartels' grip on the border and overwhelmed law enforcement.

Bijay Laxmi
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Border Patrol Agent Exposes Cartel Control and National Security Crisis

Border Patrol Agent Exposes Cartel Control and National Security Crisis

A Border Patrol agent, speaking anonymously to NewsNation, has revealed the dire state of the U.S.-Mexico border, warning that the Biden administration has lost control to drug cartels. The agent estimates that nearly 8 million illegal aliens have been encountered since February 2021, posing a major national security threat.

Why this matters: The loss of control at the border has far-reaching implications for national security, as it allows criminal organizations to operate with impunity and potentially facilitates the entry of individuals who pose a threat to American citizens. If left unaddressed, this crisis could lead to a surge in violent crime and undermine trust in the government's ability to protect its citizens.

The agent emphasized the cartels' grip on the border, stating, "We do not control the border, the cartels control the border. Everything that we do is a reaction to things that they have planned." This lack of control has led to a surge in illegal crossings and a growing national security problem.

The anonymous agent, fearing retaliation from the government, believes that many of the illegal aliens entering the country intend to harm Americans. "I'm terrified to talk to the media because I'm scared of what you know the government would do, which obviously would be to lose my job right," the agent said.

Local law enforcement agencies are also struggling to cope with the influx of illegal immigrants and the resulting crime. The agent warned, "No one is coming to protect you. Even at the local law enforcement level, we're seeing them being defunded and overwhelmed. Your life has to be threatened for them to make you a priority. So no one is coming, and you better self-help, self-protect."

The agent's revelations come amidst growing concerns about the Biden administration's handling of the border crisis. U.S. Customs and Border Protection data shows that the southern border has seen 1.54 million encounters over the past seven months, on par with last year's record-setting numbers.

The Biden administration is reportedly preparing to propose new asylum changes for migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, which could allow for faster removal of migrants deemed a national security or public safety risk. However, any sweeping changes to immigration policy are likely to face pushback from Democrats.

The Border Patrol agent's stark warning underscores the severity of the situation at the southwest border. With cartels in control and law enforcement overwhelmed, the threat to American citizens is real and growing. As the agent noted, the nearly 8 million illegal aliens encountered since February 2021 represent amajor national security problemthat demands immediate attention and action from the Biden administration.