California Homeowner Shoots Home Invasion Suspect, Another Found Dead

Home invasion in Newport Beach, CA ends in deadly shootout between homeowner and suspects. One suspect injured, another dead from apparent self-inflicted gunshot. Authorities believe it was a targeted incident.

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California Homeowner Shoots Home Invasion Suspect, Another Found Dead

California Homeowner Shoots Home Invasion Suspect, Another Found Dead

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, a home invasion in Newport Beach, California turned deadly when the homeowner shot one of the suspects. Police received a 911 call around 4:45 a.m. about the incident at a residence on Newport Coast Drive in a gated community.

When officers arrived, they found one suspect lying in the street with multiple gunshot wounds. The injured suspect, who was armed with a handgun, was transported to a hospital and is expected to survive. A second suspect was discovered dead in nearby bushes with what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Authorities believe the crime was a targeted incident involving a prior connection between the suspects and victims. Four people were inside the home at the time - a man, two women, and a child - but none were harmed. Police did not provide further details about the nature of the relationship between the parties involved.

Why this matters: This incident highlights the ongoing issue of home invasions and the measures homeowners may take to defend themselves and their families. It also raises questions about the effectiveness of security measures in gated communities.

Newport Beach Mayor Will O'Neill stated that the outcome of the attempted home invasion should serve as a warning that the city will defend itself against those who come to commit crimes. "The message is, if you come into Newport Beach to commit a crime, you're going to get met with resistance," O'Neill said. The investigation led to the closure of all lanes on Newport Coast Drive between Ocean Ridge and Ridge Park as detectives processed the scene.

Key Takeaways

  • Home invasion in Newport Beach, CA resulted in one suspect shot, one dead
  • Homeowner shot armed suspect, second suspect found dead with self-inflicted gunshot
  • Police believe incident was targeted, with prior connection between suspects and victims
  • No residents of the home were harmed, mayor warns criminals will face resistance
  • Investigation led to closure of roads as detectives processed the crime scene