Chandler Cracks Down on Teen Violence withNewOrdinances

Chandler officials approve two new ordinances to curb teen violence, targeting unruly gatherings and brass knuckles possession. The laws, set for a final vote on May 23, aim to hold perpetrators accountable and foster a safer community.

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Chandler Cracks Down on Teen Violence withNewOrdinances

Chandler Cracks Down on Teen Violence withNewOrdinances

In the wake of a surge in teen violence across the East Valley, Chandler officials have taken decisive action by approving two new ordinances aimed at curbing the troubling trend. The move comes in response to a series of gang attacks, including those attributed to the notorious "Gilbert Goons" gang, which have left the community shaken and demanding solutions.

Why this matters: The rise of teen violence has far-reaching consequences for community safety and the well-being of young people, and addressing it requires a multifaceted approach that involves law enforcement, education, and community engagement. By taking proactive measures, cities like Chandler can set a precedent for other municipalities to follow, ultimately contributing to a safer and more responsible environment for all.

The Chandler City Council introduced the proposed laws on May 10, 2024, and they are set for a final vote on May 23. If passed, the regulations will come into effect on June 24, ushering in a new era of stricter measures to address the issue ofteen violence head-on.

The first ordinance targets unruly teen gatherings, prohibiting the hosting, organizing, or participating in events where underage alcohol consumption, illegal drug use, felony actions, or physical altercations leading to injury occur. Violators may face a civil fine or a Class 1 misdemeanor charge, carrying penalties of up to $2,500, six months in jail, and three years' probation. Notably, parents or guardians of minors responsible for such gatherings will also be held accountable for any violations.

The second ordinance takes aim at a specific weapon often associated with gang violence: brass knuckles. The law prohibits minors under 18 from possessing brass knuckles and retailers from selling or distributing them to minors. Minors caught in violation, and potentially their guardians, may face Class 1 misdemeanor charges.

father, council, meeting, teen, violence Nick Lord, the father of 16-year-old Preston Lord, who tragically lost his life in a recent incident, addressed the City Council, emphasizing the importance of promoting responsibility among youth and families. "It is imperative that we not only penalize irresponsible behaviors but also promote a culture of vigilance and responsibility among our youth and their families," Lord stated.

Following the adoption of the ordinances, the City of Chandler plans to focus on community outreach to educate residents, young adults, and teenagers about the new laws. The emphasis will be on providing educational and enforcement tools to address incidents of teen violence effectively.

Mayor Kevin Hartke expressed his hope that these measures will have a broader impact, extending beyond Chandler's city boundaries. "I have aspirations and hopes that the actions that we are taking tonight will resonate with our surrounding cities and potentially with our state to make sure that this vote in Chandler goes much further than Chandler," Hartke remarked.

The final vote on the ordinances will take place on May 23 at 6 p.m. at the Chandler Council Chambers, located at 88 E. Chicago St., Chandler, AZ 85225. If passed, the new laws could mark a significant turning point in the fight against teen violence in the East Valley, providing authorities with the tools they need to hold perpetrators accountable and foster a safer community for all.