Florida Deputy Arrested for Leaking Details of Homicide Investigation to Victim's Husband

Orange County deputy arrested for leaking homicide investigation details to victim's husband, highlighting data privacy and accountability issues in law enforcement.

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Florida Deputy Arrested for Leaking Details of Homicide Investigation to Victim's Husband

Florida Deputy Arrested for Leaking Details of Homicide Investigation to Victim's Husband

An Orange County, Florida sheriff's deputy has been arrested and accused of five felonies for allegedly using law enforcement resources to obtain and share details about a homicide investigation with the victim's husband. Deputy Francisco Alberto Estrella Chicon is accused of accessing information related to the carjacking and murder of 31-year-old Katherine Altagracia Guerrero De Aguasvivas and relaying it to her husband, who is childhood friends with the deputy's wife.

Authorities believe Aguasvivas' death may be connected to the fatal shooting of tow truck driver Juan Luis Cintron Garcia a day earlier in Orange County. A unique green 2002 Acura, which had been towed by Garcia from an Orlando apartment complex in March, was found abandoned and is being evaluated for evidence in both cases. The vehicle's final buyers never completed the paperwork to transfer ownership after purchasing it at an auto auction.

Estrella allegedly used a false name and claimed to be a detective when inquiring about the case, providing the victim's husband with personal details about the lead detective in Seminole County. He is also accused of recording a conversation. The Orange County Sheriff's Office has relieved Estrella of all law enforcement duties without pay pending the criminal investigation.

Why this matters: This case highlights the critical issue of data privacy and the misuse of authority within law enforcement. It serves as a glaring reminder of the importance of integrity and accountability among those entrusted to protect and serve the public.

The investigation into the deaths of Aguasvivas and Garcia is still in the early stages, and no arrests have been made in their homicides. Authorities believe the suspects and victims knew each other. The victim's husband has been cooperating with law enforcement but is believed to be withholding information. Anyone with knowledge about the case is urged to come forward as the investigation continues.

Key Takeaways

  • Deputy accused of leaking homicide investigation details to victim's husband
  • Victim's death may be linked to earlier tow truck driver's fatal shooting
  • Deputy used false identity and recorded conversation with victim's husband
  • Case highlights data privacy and misuse of authority in law enforcement
  • Victim's husband believed to be withholding information from investigators