FogPharma and ARTBIO Partner to Develop Novel Cancer Therapies

FogPharma and ARTBIO, two biopharmaceutical companies, have announced a collaboration to co-develop Helicon-enabled alpha radioligand therapies (HEARTs) for treating multiple types of cancer, leveraging their respective technologies to create next-generation targeted cancer treatments with improved patient outcomes." This description focuses on the primary topic of the article, which is the collaboration between FogPharma and ARTBIO to develop new cancer therapies. It highlights the main entities involved, which are the two companies, and provides context on the setting, which is the field of biopharmaceuticals and cancer treatment. The description also mentions the significant action of the collaboration and its potential consequences, which are improved patient outcomes. Finally, it provides objective and relevant details that will help an AI generate an accurate visual representation of the article's content, such as the concept of targeted cancer treatments and the companies' respective technologies.

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FogPharma and ARTBIO Partner to Develop Novel Cancer Therapies

FogPharma and ARTBIO Partner to Develop Novel Cancer Therapies

FogPharma, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, and ARTBIO, a clinical-stage radiopharmaceutical company, have announced a collaboration to co-develop Helicon-enabled alpha radioligand therapies (HEARTs) for treating multiple types of cancer. The partnership, announced on May 14, 2024, aims to transform outcomes for patients by leveraging FogPharma's Helicon peptide platform and ARTBIO's AlphaDirect platform to create next-generation alpha radioligand therapies.

Why this matters: This partnership has the potential to revolutionize cancer treatment by providing a more targeted and effective approach, which could lead to improved patient outcomes and increased survival rates. The development of HEARTs could also pave the way for further innovation in radioligand therapy, expanding treatment options for various types of cancer.

The collaboration will focus on developing HEARTs, a new class of therapies that synergize the strengths of both companies' technologies. FogPharma's Helicon platform provides tunable stabilized α-helical peptides, while ARTBIO's AlphaDirect platform enables the development of alpha radioligand therapies using the isotope 212Pb. The combination offers promising potential to create ARTs with ideal properties for precise delivery to tumors.

"Our AI-enabled Helicon platform provides an unprecedented level of chemical flexibility and diversity for modifying the crucial chemical and biological properties of peptides," said Mathai Mammen, M.D., Ph.D., CEO of FogPharma. "We are thrilled to begin our collaboration with ARTBIO, wherein we extend the use of our Helicons to bind extracellular proteins and use our Helicons to finely tune distribution and elimination properties, paving the way for a new safe and effective category of targeted radioligand therapy."

Emanuele Ostuni, Ph.D., CEO of ARTBIO, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership's potential. "Alpha radioligand therapy, and 212Pb in particular, has shown tremendous promise as a new class of radiopharmaceuticals. This collaboration with FogPharma enables ARTBIO to advance next-generation therapeutics specifically designed to treat solid tumors."

Under the terms of the agreement, FogPharma and ARTBIO will contribute equally across research, development, and commercialization phases. Additional financial details were not disclosed. Both companies are headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., with FogPharma having raised over $500 million in funding to date from leading life sciences investors. ARTBIO is advancing multiple pipeline programs, and its lead candidate AB001 is currently in first-in-human trials.

The FogPharma-ARTBIO collaboration brings together two innovative platforms to develop a new class of cancer therapies. By leveraging FogPharma's Helicon peptides and ARTBIO's 212Pb-based alpha radioligand technology, the partnership aims to create HEARTs with optimized properties for targeted delivery to tumors. As the companies advance their pipeline, the novel radioligand therapies hold promise to improve outcomes for patients battling various types of cancer.

Key Takeaways

  • FogPharma and ARTBIO collaborate to develop Helicon-enabled alpha radioligand therapies (HEARTs) for cancer treatment.
  • Partnership aims to create targeted and effective therapies with improved patient outcomes and survival rates.
  • FogPharma's Helicon platform and ARTBIO's AlphaDirect platform combine to create next-gen alpha radioligand therapies.
  • HEARTs will be developed for multiple types of cancer, with equal contribution from both companies across research, development, and commercialization.
  • Partnership brings together innovative platforms to create novel radioligand therapies with optimized properties for targeted tumor delivery.