Fort Worth Man Charged with Murder in Fatal Carjacking Case

Jarmel Johnson, 33, charged with murder in Texas after carjacking victim Chase Warren DeBerger, 33, succumbed to injuries. Authorities combat rising carjackings through federal task forces, with promising results in some districts.

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Fort Worth Man Charged with Murder in Fatal Carjacking Case

Fort Worth Man Charged with Murder in Fatal Carjacking Case

Jarmel Johnson, 33, has been charged with murder in Fort Worth, Texas, following the death of Chase Warren DeBerger, 33, who succumbed to blunt force injuries on January 15. DeBerger sustained the injuries during a carjacking incident on December 23, in which Johnson is allegedly involved.

According to authorities, Johnson was initially arrested on December 29 on an aggravated robbery charge related to the carjacking. He was later indicted on March 20 for robbery, with the indictment mentioning a habitual offender notice. Johnson's criminal history dates back to 2007, including charges of robbery, aggravated robbery, theft, and burglary of habitation.

Why this matters: The incident highlights the ongoing efforts to combat violent crime, particularly carjackings, which have seen a surge in recent years. The Justice Department has established carjacking task forces in 11 targeted districts, including the Eastern District of Texas, to focus federal resources on identifying, investigating, and prosecuting the most significant drivers of these crimes.

The implementation of these task forces has shown promising results in various districts. In Philadelphia, carjackings declined by 31% from 2022 to 2023, while the District of Columbia experienced a 28% decrease in armed carjackings in 2023 compared to the same period in 2022.

The case against Jarmel Johnson serves as a reminder of the severe consequences faced by those involved in violent criminal activities. As the investigation progresses, authorities remain committed to seeking justice for the victim and ensuring the safety of the community.

Key Takeaways

  • Jarmel Johnson, 33, charged with murder in Fort Worth, Texas
  • Victim Chase Warren DeBerger, 33, died from blunt force injuries
  • Johnson has a criminal history dating back to 2007
  • DOJ establishes carjacking task forces to combat rising violent crime
  • Carjackings declined in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. in 2023