Fzata Inc. Selected as Finalist to Pitch at BIO2024 International Convention

Fzata Inc., a biotechnology company, has been selected as a finalist to pitch at the Start-Up Stadium during the BIO2024 International Convention in San Diego, CA, where they will showcase their innovative BioPYM platform and seek strategic partners and venture investments for their drug candidates targeting various diseases, including C. diff infection, abdominal pain, inflammatory bowel disease, and diabetes. This description focuses on the primary topic (Fzata's selection as a finalist), the main entity (Fzata Inc.), the context (BIO2024 International Convention), and the significant actions (showcasing BioPYM platform and seeking partners and investments). It also provides objective and relevant details that will help an AI generate an accurate visual representation of the article's content, such as the convention setting, the company's focus on biotechnology, and the diseases targeted by their drug candidates.

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Fzata Inc. Selected as Finalist to Pitch at BIO2024 International Convention

Fzata Inc. Selected as Finalist to Pitch at BIO2024 International Convention

Fzata Inc., a biotechnology company, has been chosen as a finalist to pitch at Start-Up Stadium during the BIO2024 International Convention, taking place in San Diego, CA, from June 3-6, 2024. This prestigious event will host over 20,000 industry leaders from around the world, providing a platform for start-up companies to engage with key members of the investment community, venture philanthropy groups, strategic partners, and non-dilutive capital partners.

Why this matters: The development of innovative biotechnologies like Fzata's BioPYM platform has the potential to revolutionize the treatment of various diseases and improve public health outcomes. Furthermore, the success of such start-ups can also drive economic growth and create new opportunities for investment and collaboration in the biotech industry.

At BIO2024, Fzata will be seeking strategic partners for its drug candidates developed from the BioPYM platform, including FZ002 for C. diff infection, FZ004 for abdominal pain, FZ006 for inflammatory bowel disease, and FZ010 for diabetes and obesity. All four drug candidates have applications in both human and animal health. The company will also pursue venture investments to support its growth and is open to co-development with pharmaceutical companies interested in developing their drugs in the BioPYM platform.

The Maryland Department of Commerce has selected Fzata to join a delegation of Maryland companies attending BIO2024 and has provided the company with Premier Access to the BIO One-on-One Partnering system, enabling engagement with potential pharmaceutical strategic partners and investors.

Fzata's innovative Biotherapeutic Probiotic Yeast Medicines (BioPYM) platform is designed for oral biologics. The platform transforms probiotic yeast into a micro-factory within the gut, producing therapeutics where disease pathologies occur. BioPYM can "plug and play" any gene to make any therapeutic protein, including monoclonal antibodies, multi-specific antibodies, enzymes, cytokines, and hormones.

Dr. Zhiyong Yang, Chief Executive Officer of Fzata, expressed gratitude for the recognition of the BioPYM platform's potential, stating, "We are grateful to the BIO selection committee and Maryland Commerce for recognizing the great potential of the BioPYM platform and our lead assets. BioPYM will be a game-changer for both industry and patients in terms of safety, efficacy, and access. Our room-temperature, oral biologics will drastically improve the way biologics are manufactured, distributed, stored, and administered. "

Fzata Inc. is a biotechnology company developing proprietary, novel, oral biologic therapies to treat a wide variety of GI diseases and gut-health axis disorders. For additional information, visit www.fzata.com or LinkedIn. Investment opportunities, licensing, co-development, or collaboration inquiries can be directed to Elizabeth Smith, PhD, MBA, Chief Business Officer, Fzata, at Elizabeth_Smith@Fzata.com.

Key Takeaways

  • Fzata Inc. selected as finalist to pitch at BIO2024 Start-Up Stadium in San Diego.
  • Fzata's BioPYM platform has potential to revolutionize disease treatment and improve public health.
  • Fzata seeks strategic partners and venture investments for its drug candidates at BIO2024.
  • BioPYM platform can produce oral biologics, including monoclonal antibodies and hormones.
  • Fzata's CEO Dr. Zhiyong Yang believes BioPYM will be a game-changer for industry and patients.