Hiring Retainers in Final Fantasy XIV: A Guide

Players can hire retainers in Final Fantasy XIV by completing the level 17 main scenario quest and a side quest in their starting city-state. Retainers provide access to the market board, extra storage, and venture tasks, which can be customized and expanded through additional purchases.

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Hiring Retainers in Final Fantasy XIV: A Guide

Hiring Retainers in Final Fantasy XIV: A Guide

In the popular MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, players can hire retainers to assist them with various tasks and provide additional storage space. To unlock the ability to hire retainers, players must first complete the level 17 main scenario quest (MSQ) titled "The Scions of the Seventh Dawn" as well as a side quest in their starting city-state, which can be Limsa Lominsa, Gridania, or Ul'dah.

The side quest to unlock retainers is given by an NPC called the Troubled Adventurer. Once both the MSQ and side quest are completed, players can hire their first retainer by speaking with a Retainer Vocate NPC in any of the three major cities. The hiring process involves designing the retainer's appearance using the character creation menu and giving them a unique name.

By default, players can hire up to two retainers. However, additional retainers can be purchased through the game's cash shop, known as the Mog Station, for a fee of $2 USD per month for each extra retainer. There are also alternative methods to obtain more retainers, although the specifics of these methods are not detailed in the source material.

Once hired, retainers provide players with access to the in-game market board for buying and selling items with other players. They also offer substantial extra storage space for players to keep their items. Another key function of retainers is the ability to send them out on ventures, which are special tasks that reward players with various items and materials upon completion.

To assign a retainer to a venture, players must first obtain venture coins through various means such as completing quests, participating in FATE events, or purchasing them with specific in-game currencies. There are three main types of ventures: Field Exploration, Quick Exploration, and Hunting. "Field Exploration ventures take longer to complete but reward more experience, while Quick Exploration ventures provide more items, including gear, more quickly."

Retainers are a valuable asset for players in Final Fantasy XIV, providing access to the market board, extra storage, and the ability to gather materials and items through ventures. By completing the necessary quests and optionally purchasing additional retainers, players can maximize their retainers' potential to enhance their gameplay experience and progression in the game.

Key Takeaways

  • Unlock retainers by completing level 17 MSQ and starting city-state side quest.
  • Hire up to 2 retainers by default, with additional slots available for purchase.
  • Retainers provide access to market board, extra storage, and venture assignments.
  • Ventures reward items, materials, and experience, with 3 types: Field, Quick, and Hunting.
  • Retainers enhance gameplay and progression, with optional additional slots for purchase.