Lakewood Man Charged in Crash That Severely Injured Motorcyclist

A 48-year-old Lakewood resident, Daniel A. Abbott, has been arrested for fourth-degree assault by auto after a distracted driving incident on Lakewood Allenwood Road, where he crossed the center line and struck a 73-year-old motorcyclist from Belmar, causing severe injuries, highlighting the dangers of cellphone use while driving." This description focuses on the primary topic of distracted driving, the main entities involved (Daniel A. Abbott and the 73-year-old motorcyclist), the context of the incident (Lakewood Allenwood Road), and the significant consequences of the event (severe injuries and arrest). The description also provides objective and relevant details that will help an AI generate an accurate visual representation of the article's content, such as the scene of the accident and the vehicles involved.

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Lakewood Man Charged in Crash That Severely Injured Motorcyclist

Lakewood Man Charged in Crash That Severely Injured Motorcyclist

Daniel A. Abbott, a 48-year-old resident of Lakewood, has been arrested with fourth-degree assault by auto in connection with a crash that severely injured a 73-year-old motorcycle rider from Belmar. Abbott turned himself in to Wall Township police on Monday, May 13, nearly six months after the incident occurred.

The crash took place on Wednesday, November 15, 2023, on Lakewood Allenwood Road in Lakewood, NJ. Abbott was driving a Ford full-size van westbound when he crossed the center line and struck the oncoming motorcycle driven by the Belmar man. Police investigation revealed that Abbott was using his cellphone at the time of the crash, which contributed to the accident.

Why this matters: This incident highlights the dangers of distracted driving, which remains a significant contributor to road accidents and fatalities in the United States. It also underscores the importance of enforcing laws and raising awareness about the risks of using cellphones while driving to prevent such tragedies.

The motorcyclist suffered severe injuries and was rushed to Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune, where he spent several months recovering. The Monmouth County Serious Collision Analysis Response Team and the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office assisted in the investigation of the incident.

Distracted driving, particularly the use of cellphones while behind the wheel, continues to be a major contributing factor in motor vehicle accidents across the United States. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), distracted driving claimed 3,142 lives in 2020 alone.

In New Jersey, the use of handheld devices while driving is prohibited under the state's cell phone law, which was enacted in 2008. Violators face fines of $200 to $400 for a first offense, $400 to $600 for a second offense, and $600 to $800 for subsequent offenses, with the possibility of a 90-day license suspension and motor vehicle points.

The crash on Lakewood Allenwood Road serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of distracted driving and the devastating consequences it can have on the lives of those involved. As the legal proceedings against Daniel A. Abbott move forward, the 73-year-old motorcyclist continues his recovery from the severe injuries sustained in the incident.

Key Takeaways

  • Daniel A. Abbott, 48, arrested for 4th-degree assault by auto after crashing into a motorcycle.
  • Abbott was using his cellphone when he crossed the center line and struck the motorcycle.
  • The 73-year-old motorcyclist suffered severe injuries and spent months in the hospital.
  • Distracted driving claimed 3,142 lives in 2020, according to the NHTSA.
  • In NJ, using a handheld device while driving can result in fines and license suspension.