Maryland Teen Arrested for Alleged School Shooting Plot Detailed in 129-Page Manifesto

18-year-old Maryland teen accused of plotting school shootings, arrested after manifesto found; highlights importance of vigilance and mental health support in preventing tragedies.

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Maryland Teen Arrested for Alleged School Shooting Plot Detailed in 129-Page Manifesto

Maryland Teen Arrested for Alleged School Shooting Plot Detailed in 129-Page Manifesto

Andrea Ye, an 18-year-old from Rockville, Maryland, was accused of allegedly plotting school shootings targeting Thomas Wootton High School and an elementary school. Ye, who goes by "Alex" and uses "he/him" pronouns, authored a 129-page manifesto featuring a transgender main character, detailing plans for the attacks.

Montgomery County Police Chief Marcus Jones held a news conference to provide details on the investigation and arrest. Ye was charged with threats of mass violence after authorities found evidence of the alleged plot, including online searches about firearms and explosives, handmade drawings depicting shooting scenes, and chat logs related to threats of mass violence "to be famous" and stating that "little kids make easier targets."

A witness who knew Ye and received treatment with them at a psychiatric facility played a critical role in alerting authorities to the manifesto, which bore "striking similarities" to Ye's life. Ye had previously been hospitalized in December 2022 for threatening to "shoot up a school" and was determined to still be preoccupied with self-harm, school shootings, and explosives.

During a bail review, prosecutors argued that Ye posed a serious threat to community safety due to a history of mental health issues, including involuntary hospital stays and threats made during counseling sessions. The judge agreed, denying bail and citing the escalation of Ye's planning, including potential bomb-making, and the need to be proactive in preventing a potential school shooting.

Why this matters: This case highlights the importance of vigilance and community involvement in preventing potential tragedies. It also underscores the ongoing need to address mental health issues among youth and the role of strict gun laws in thwarting such plots.

Montgomery County officials praised those who intervened and raised red flags about Ye's concerning behavior and statements. Police have increased security at schools, especially Wootton High School, since the investigation began. Ye, who has not physically attended a Montgomery County public school since fall 2022 and takes classes in a virtual program, is currently being held pending trial in Montgomery County Circuit Court, where Ye will be tried as an adult. The charge of threats of mass violence carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

Key Takeaways

  • 18-year-old Andrea Ye accused of plotting school shootings in Maryland.
  • Ye authored a 129-page manifesto detailing attack plans and made threats.
  • Ye previously hospitalized for threatening to "shoot up a school".
  • Ye denied bail due to mental health issues and escalation of planning.
  • Ye charged with threats of mass violence, facing up to 10 years in prison.