Massachusetts Police Bust $4 Million Jewelry Theft Ring Targeting South Asian Homes

Massachusetts police bust $4M jewelry theft ring that targeted South Asian homes over 6 years. 4 suspects indicted on 95 counts of burglary and breaking-in across 25 communities.

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Massachusetts Police Bust $4 Million Jewelry Theft Ring Targeting South Asian Homes

Massachusetts Police Bust $4 Million Jewelry Theft Ring Targeting South Asian Homes

Massachusetts State Police have dismantled a burglary ring that allegedly stole over $4 million worth of jewelry, mostly from the homes of South Asians in more than 25 communities over a six-year period. Four suspects, including two brothers from Providence, Rhode Island, have been indicted on 95 counts of unarmed burglary and breaking and entering.

The theft crew focused on South Asian homes because they believed they would have more valuable jewelry, according to investigators. The stolen items included diamonds, gold jewelry, gemstones, and large quantities of cash. In some cases, the perpetrators removed heavy safes weighing up to 400 pounds from the residences.

The 43 burglaries and break-ins occurred between July 2018 and March 2024 in various Massachusetts towns. "The defendants are alleged to have targeted the homes of South Asian families based on the assumption that these households would have valuable jewelry and heirlooms," said Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan.

Why this matters: This case highlights the ongoing issue of criminals targeting specific ethnic communities based on stereotypes about their perceived wealth or cultural practices. It emphasizes the importance of law enforcement collaboration across jurisdictions to dismantle sophisticated theft operations that can devastate families and violate the sanctity of their homes.

The suspects, identified as Jovan Lemon, Paul Lemon, Steven Berdugo, and Paul Miller, used sophisticated methods to conceal their identities, avoid alarms, and minimize cell phone use during the burglaries. The nine-month investigation was a joint effort led by the Middlesex County District Attorney's Office, the Massachusetts State Police, and the Rhode Island State Police Task Force.

"Law enforcement partners worked together to eliminate this complex criminal network, which had violated the sanctity of the victims' homes and stolen items of great monetary, emotional, and cultural value," said Massachusetts State Police Colonel Christopher Mason. The arrests and indictments mark a significant step in holding the alleged perpetrators accountable and providing some measure of justice for the numerous victims across 25 Massachusetts communities impacted by this multi-year burglary spree.

Key Takeaways

  • MA police busted a burglary ring that stole $4M in jewelry from South Asian homes.
  • 4 suspects, including 2 brothers, indicted on 95 counts of unarmed burglary.
  • Burglars targeted South Asian homes, believing they had valuable jewelry and cash.
  • 43 burglaries occurred from 2018-2024 across 25 MA towns, involving heavy safes.
  • Joint investigation led to arrests, providing justice for numerous impacted victims.