May Marks National Moving Month Amid Busy Season and Common Pitfalls

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) warns consumers to exercise caution when selecting a moving company during peak season, citing over 5,900 customer complaints in 2024. The BBB's Business Profiles offer a valuable resource for consumers to research and vet moving companies, helping to avoid common moving pitfalls.

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May Marks National Moving Month Amid Busy Season and Common Pitfalls

May Marks National Moving Month Amid Busy Season and Common Pitfalls

As May kicks off the peak moving season, which typically runs through August, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is urging consumers to exercise caution and trust when selecting a moving company. With over 13,000 BBB Business Profiles on moving-related companies in North America, it's crucial for those planning a move to do their due diligence.

Why this matters: The high volume of moving complaints can have significant financial and emotional impacts on individuals and families, highlighting the need for consumer awareness and protection. Furthermore, the moving industry's reputation and trustworthiness can be influenced by the prevalence of scams and subpar services, affecting the overall economy and consumer confidence.

The demand for moving services is evident in the statistics. In 2024, consumers accessed BBB air business profiles for moving companies more than 1.5 million times. However, the high volume also comes with a significant number of complaints. BBBs received over 5,900 customer complaints about movers and moving companies in 2024.

According to customer complaints, common issues with moving companies include damaged or missing items, unexpected fees, significant price increases, and failure to show up or late deliveries of moved items. These misfortunes can turn the already stressful process of moving into a nightmare for many consumers.

"Consumers need to be able to trust the company they hire to move their valued possessions," said Michele Mason from the Better Business Bureau. Researching and carefully vetting potential moving companies is essential to avoid falling victim to common moving pitfalls."

The BBB's Business Profiles serve as a valuable resource for consumers, offering a comprehensive directory of moving companies complete with customer reviews, complaint history, and ratings. By leveraging these profiles and doing thorough research, consumers can make more informed decisions when selecting a mover.

As National Moving Month highlights the peak season for relocations, it also serves as a reminder for consumers to approach the process with caution. By utilizing trusted resources like the BBB and thoroughly vetting potential moving companies, individuals can better protect themselves from common moving misfortunes and ensure a smoother transition to their new homes.

Key Takeaways

  • Exercise caution when selecting a moving company to avoid scams and subpar services.
  • Research and vet moving companies using BBB Business Profiles and customer reviews.
  • Common moving complaints include damaged/missing items, unexpected fees, and late deliveries.
  • Over 5,900 customer complaints about movers were received by BBBs in 2024.
  • Thorough research can help consumers make informed decisions and avoid moving pitfalls.